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Five inks we think you might own

Wassily Kandisky, a famous Russian painter and a pioneer of abstract art once said that color is a power that directly influences the soul, and I could not agree with him more. Since there are plenty of colored ink variations on the market, today I’m going to present you five inks that you should add to your ink collection if you don’t own them already.

I’m pretty sure that when it comes to clothing, everyone has a favorite outfit in a color that lifts their moods, right? For example, anytime I want to make a statement, I wear my navy double-breasted blazer, a timeless piece in which I feel very confident and classy at the same time. That was just a random example, there are some people owning several cars in different colors, each one for any occasion, day or mood, right?

However, the idea is that we often get inspired by colors, because at some point we even make correlations between events, particular moments, places, persons, and so on… By the way, I remember that some years ago I was visiting the Blue Grotto, in Capri, and I fell in love instantly with that azure blue of the water. I don’t know if you have visited Capri yet, but that iconic blue is so calming that you’d want to be surrounded by it all the time. Obviously, the goal is to live there, but if that’s not possible, well, there is always a way to have at least a piece of Capri. When I got home I found out that Monteverde has an ink called Capri Blue and I ordered it right away. Every time I use this ink, I feel like I get to Capri for a few moments…

Now, let’s dive into the subject to discover some one-of-a-kind inks…

Blue inks
By far one of the most used ink colors sits on the top of my list and for good reason. The blue inks are inspiring, calming and universally favored over other ink colors. Talking about the symbolism of blue, it is the color of trust, serenity and peace. There are many blue inks on the market coming in a variety of shades, from the light hues of clear sky blue to the deeper notes of ocean blue, you’ll find any kind of blue you can imagine. The most interesting blue ink in my opinion is the Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-peki, and it’s part of the luxurious inks created by Pilot to reflect the beautiful natural scenery of Japan. If you wondered what Konpeki means, you should know that translated to English means azure – a color often used to describe a clear sky. In terms of features, the ink is not waterproof, it flows very well from any kind of pen and even though is relatively light, it is vibrant enough to be easily readable even in fine and extra-fine nibs, but you’ll like it even better if you use broader nibs with this particular ink.

Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-peki 50ml Bottled Ink – EUR 18

Green inks
When you say green you say nature, harmony and relaxation. I can almost feel the smell of pine trees or fresh grass…When it comes to rich green inks, I think instantly about one particular brand and its ink: Graf von Faber-Castell Moss Green. I don’t know if you own this ink or not but the way this ink looks is incredible. This forest green ink is rich and sophisticated and looks amazing on paper. It isn’t water-resistant but it performs pretty well if the paper gets wet. Besides the astonishing color, the ink comes in a beautifully crafted ink bottle and those 75 ml will be enough for your needs.

Graf von Faber-Castell Moss Green 75ml Bottled Ink – EUR 22

Red inks
The color of love and passion, red is one of the first colors used by prehistoric artists and throughout history, it has represented love, joy, anger and war. For those incurable romantics, there is nothing more beautiful and satisfying than receiving a letter from your loved one written in red ink. I remember that a few years ago I have received a love letter that was written with a J. Herbin Scented Rose Red ink. For those who don’t know, this one is infused with distilled rose water from one of France’s most famous perfume regions… I can’t describe the way that letter smelled when I opened it. So, ladies, next time you really want to impress your men, make sure you write them a letter with J. Herbin Scented Rose Red you will really make a statement.

J. Herbin Scented Rose Red 30ml Bottled Ink – EUR 12

Purple inks
My favorite color and one of the most majestic ones out there, purple is the color of royalty, magic and mystery. Have you ever felt sophisticated when used ink? If not, you should try purple ink and you’ll understand right away what I mean… For me, the one that works best is the Diamine Imperial Purple. A rich purple which evokes such a royal air, that’s how I’d describe it. In terms of performance, I used it on Rhodia paper and I received a dry time of fewer than 6 seconds with a fine nib fountain pen which I might say is super quick. I am fascinated by the dark shades this ink has and since I use it almost daily, you can say how much I like it.

Diamine Imperial Purple 80ml Bottled Ink – EUR 8

Orange inks
Orange is known as being the hue of optimism and self-confidence. For me, there are plenty of interesting orange inks on the market like: Diamine Autumn Oak, Noodler’s Apache Sunset, J. Herbin Soleil Orange but the one I prefer the most is Diamine Pumpkin Orange which reminds me of those neverending orange fields of pumpkins… The ink has a very good flow and when I write on paper the pen glides so smoothly across the page like floating, but it’s not water-resistant which I think there’s no issue if you consider this before buying it.

Diamine Pumpkin 30ml Bottled Ink – EUR 7

I hope you found a bit of inspiration going through this article and I wonder how many of these inks do you own already?



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