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SCRIBO – A close-up to the FEEL Collection

As you may know, a few weeks ago we’ve introduced you to a young italian manufacturer of fine writing instruments based in Bologna. Today, we came up with an interesting idea. Since their established collections have many unique pens, we thought it might be useful to let you know them. So, stay tuned because the FEEL collection will definitely catch your attention…

Comprising lots of patterns with different color schemes, this collection has definitely a lot to show off and you’ll understand right away what we mean by that. Besides the fantastic appearance of the pens, we’ll point out some aspects about the nibs and the ebonite feeders as well. You may ask: if SCRIBO has only two collections, what is so interesting about them that’s worth discussing? In the following, you’ll understand why strong essences are kept in small bottles.

After we went through this collection, we’ve carefully selected the most intriguing fountain pens and here are the ones we liked the most, the ones that made us FEEL beyond the writing…

FEEL – A Riveder le stelle

Limited to 100 pieces, SCRIBO „A Riveder la stelle” features a body handcrafted in natural resin with a pattern depicting a blue night with stars. The name meaning „to see again the stars”, leads us to the famous poem of Dante Alighieri where the first canticle of Divine Comedy ends finding the supreme Poet and Virgil contemplating the starry sky at the exit from Hell – „…to see again the stars”. The manufacturer has dedicated this new FEEL pen to the stars of the cinema and the Cinema itself, with special attention to one of the most beautiful and significant realities of Bologna: the Cineteca of Bologna. Besides its interesting story and significance, you should know that Scribo is donating 10% of the revenue for each model sold to the Cineteca of Bologna to contribute actively to the recovery and restoration of the projects of L’Immagine Ritrovata (a state-of-the-art film restoration and conservation laboratory, part of the Cineteca of Bologna). 

In terms of features, the pen comes equipped with an 18kt gold nib or flexible 14kt gold nib and there’s an ebonite feeder with 2 capillaries for each nib variation. The 18kt gold nib is available in Extra-fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, BBB, 1.4mm Stub and 52° sizes while the flexible 14kt gold comes only in Extra-Fine, Fine, Medium and Broad sizes.

Price: 581,97

FEEL – Oceano & Mediterraneo

Inspired by the intense and various colors of the open sea, these two models are dedicated to summer and evoke such salty ocean air. On the Oceano pen’s body, you’ll see a pattern describing the deep blue water merging with the lighter shades of the waves creating unique effects while the mediterraneo model is covered in turquoise shades. Featuring the same natural resin handmade body as the previous one as well as the two variations of gold nibs and the ebonite feeder, the pens come with the classic piston filling system that Scribo offers.

Price: 581,97

FEEL – Viola

This is a very special one because it describes a unique scenario. For several weeks between May and July of each year, the chromatic monotony of the countryside near the “Sibillini mountains” in Central Italy, between Marche and Umbria, is broken by an incredible mosaic of colors, capable of filling the eyes and the heart. The spectacle of nature responsible for these colorful shades is called „La Fiorita” of Castelluccio di Norcia. The pen is handcrafted from natural resin and features a magical-looking purple barrel in both darker and lighter shades to replicate „La Fiorita”. The model is limited to only 219 pieces and considering the way it looks, there won’t be enough pieces for all the enthusiasts and collectors…

Price: €581,97

In conclusion, I think that creativity and imagination are vital when it comes to a fountain pen’s design. Without a great story, an excellent design and high-quality craftsmanship, the final result would not have been the same. Now that you read about these writing instruments, you’ll understand why everyone at SCRIBO sees writing as a modus vivendi, because the passion for writing is beyond anything.

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