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Five Montegrappa Pens for Every Budget

Montegrappa has a varied history. It has been the inexpensive pen option used by soldiers in the trenches (where Ernest Hemingway first encountered his) to being a world-class leader in luxury collaborations today. This storied legacy and ability to adapt to price points, budgets, and economic changes in a century has made Montegrappa a legend in the pen industry – and with no end in sight.

While many think that a Montegrappa is one of those grail pens, unattainable by many, this is due to the attention their large and elaborate designs garner. There are more economical pen options for just about any budget – and we have compiled our favorites here.

Elmo 01

A quintessential pen for any Montegrappa collector or fountain pen fan just starting out on their journey up the luxury ladder. The Elmo 01 is based on the classic design from the 1920’s with an infusion of Bauhaus aesthetics, this pen is called “The People’s Pen” by Montegrappa for a reason.

Price: € 195

Elmo Ambiente

The Elmo Ambiente is a modern concept on a classic pen, using recycled materials to produce the delightful speckled look to the pen. Montegrappa has a long history of going green and this pen marks a turn in the industry for more sustainable pen options.

Price: € 310


The Mia is a striking pen. With its curvaceous shape and striped Montegraphite resin, it’s sure to be a stunner for anyone who is looking for a pen they’ll cherish. Coming in five colors, each option complements and contrasts against the elegant form of the Mia.

Price: € 350


A newer model from the Montegrappa line, it harkens back to the Art Deco style of the 1930’s in the pen industry. With a subtle briolette faceting design, this pen has an incredible balance of art and form in one pen, making it somehow incredibly modern and retro at the same time.

Price: € 750


The Venetia, too, looks back in the archives to create this updated design. This one in particular is a favorite of mine, with its bold curves, points, and decorated nib. The Venetia, like its namesake, is a pen of elegance and has a regal touch to it, while also being a pen that can easily be worked into your everyday carry. That is the hallmark of a good pen – one that can be used for any occasion and always feel special.

Price: € 695

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