Relevant Writing Habits That Have Gone Lost

This is probably one of the most exciting and fast moving time ever. We manage to comunicate rapidly but also widely. A content posted in Switzerland will be seen in Hong Kong. In one single day we can exchange several e-Mails and boost our productivity like never before. Like in a love story, efficiency surely helps in daily life, but it isn’t what “moves to sun and the other stars”. Let us go through some “relevant Writing Habits that have gone lost”

Thank you Card

Let’s be honest, getting a Thank you note written by hand, preferably using a Fountain Pen is more an exception than a regular thing. Well, actually when we get such a note, it’s pretty impressive and we feel real appreciation from the person that has thought of us. Getting a Thank you Card, communicates that the person who has handed it or sent it has taken its precious time to think of us and put down those words. So why not be exactly that type of guy that is aware of the details and gestures that make a difference in life. It will surely say a lot about our personality.

Sketching Ideas

I’m not sure if this is such a lost habit already. Actually, still a lot of people, when it comes to a new venture or to express their creativity, they start by putting down sketches on a piece of paper. But i would like to point out the importance of such a gesture. The ideas in our brain are expressed at its best when they flow through our arm on paper. It even enhances the creative process during the “making of”. Well, maybe not only the first sketches, but also the first developments could be hand written on a Notebook, even the first Numbers. The whole process of putting it down with a Pen on paper will surely give us more emotions and inputs during the focal moment of the birth of a new project.

Taking Notes during a Meeting

An habit that has gone lost is the one of taking notes by hand, on a notebook instead of a Laptop. Somehow i feel like it’s a sign of respect to take our notes by hand while our colleagues are sharing their ideas during a meeting. It shows that we might not be answering some e-mails during that he/she’s talking and we also show appreciation of what they’re saying by showing them that we’re noting down their ideas.

Writing a letter to a loved one

I know, this might feel strange nowadays. Quite a theatrical gesture. But writing a letter to your fiancé, wife, mother or grand mother is an act of great love and care for that person. It also is an intimate and introspective way of sharing our emotions while they’re still around us. We should never take our loved ones for granted, and writing them an unexpected letter is one of the most effective way to show them how much we love them.

Fountain Pen Writing at School

This is getting a problem. Some of us still remember that handwriting at school was a major thing. It had to be clean, elegant and precise. In 2013 “cursive” writing – in which the pen is not raised between each character – has been dropped from the Common Core Curriculum Standards, shared by all states of USA.

The Los Angeles Times posted an interesting article when this happened back in 2013, and i’m reporting a quote fro Edouard Gentaz, professor of developmental psychology at the University of Geneva, from that same article: “Handwriting is a complex task which requires various skills – feeling the pen and paper, moving the writing implement, and directing movement by thought. Children take several years to master this precise motor exercise: you need to hold the scripting tool firmly while moving it in such a way as to leave a different mark for each letter.”

Well, they might not get this type of exercise at school at the moment, but as parents, we could still take some of our time with our children and help them to learn how to write in cursive and appreciate the elegant feeling of writing with a Fountain Pen


  1. Much of the re -work and re -modification of administrative letters occur due to the elimination of paper drafts.
    In fact, if a text is written by a manager with a handwriting and on paper and typed after the correction is better.
    Due to the relationship of the hand and the paper, the writings are more transparent and need less re -modification.

  2. Does anyone know what’s the manufacturer and model of this blue pen on the picture? Looks like Montegrappa, but I don’t know this colour version…

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