Five Montegrappa Pens to Gift

Gift shopping left to the last minute sounds like a nightmare and even though everyone has gone through it at least once, we don’t want you to have such experiences. We know you might want some inspiration before you start writing your gift list, and because we understand how difficult it can be to anticipate what your friends or colleagues might like, we’ve come up with some interesting suggestions to make it easier for you to choose the right gift. Therefore we’ve rounded up five of the most unique Montegrappa writing instruments that would make ideal gifts. 

Montegrappa Elmo Ambiente Kaleido 

Perhaps the perfect gift for any environmentalist – the Montegrappa Elmo Ambiente Kaleido. Or how to turn discarded cosmetics into a unique fountain pen with a raw, post-industrial aesthetic. We are glad to see that a great brand like Montegrappa chooses to protect the environment by recycling different materials and transforming them into charismatic writing instruments. What makes this pen a lovely gift is definitely the environmentally oriented vision of Montegrappa, as well as the multi-coloured mosaic it features – probably the most charming pattern we’ve seen so far.

Price: EUR 310


Montegrappa Extra Otto Zebra 

As a signature fragrance, Montegrappa Extra Otto Zebra will fit like a glove in any collection. With a very iconic octogonal shape – characteristic for numerous Montegrappa writing instruments – this pen knows exactly how to stand out in the most subtle way, and your friend will appreciate it. From the celluloid barrel and cap to the 18k gold nib and unique Zebra pattern, this pen is pure fascination. In addition to its unmistakable design and high-performance nib, the Montegrappa Extra Otto Zebra offers the writer a unique feel and such a comfortable writing experience. It may seem funny, but it’s the kind of pen you’d never want to put down even after hours of writing.

Price: EUR 1595


Montegrappa F1 Speed 

We all have a need for speed. Some need it on the track, others on paper. Well, for those who have a deep passion for F1 racing as well as writing, the latest Montegrappa F1 Speed is a pen that should be considered. This could be a very special gift not only for the bold and cutting-edge design, but also for the innovative concept, high-quality materials and expertise used by Montegrappa. As you probably know, a Formula 1 car goes through several stages of development to excel on the track, as is the case with this pen. Several tests conducted by the company have shown that users can notice improvements in angle and control due to the aerodynamic shape of this pen. However, for enthusiasts there are more relevant details such as the carbon-fibre section giving off airs of trackside ambience as well as the scorched tailpipe finish, simulated air intakes and the unique clip and finial pairing. Limited to just 372 examples to honour the maximum speed ever recorded during a FIA Formula 1 World Championship race – 372.6 km/h, the F1 Speed is by far the most special gift you can give.  

Price: EUR 2150


Montegrappa Monopoly Players’ Landlord

At the risk of sounding like a rhetorical question, do you have friends who love board games? Of course you do. Then you need to take a look at the Monopoly Players’ collection, chances are you’ll find the right gift. This edition consists of three different models with playful colour combinations such as blue, red, green and yellow but our favorite is the Landlord model. Festively dressed in green and red, the traditional colours of Christmas, the pen is the ticket to golden childhood memories. 

If you want to make this gift even more special, you can surprise the recipient with a very original note to jog their memory. Write this and put it inside the gift box: “Take a piece of paper, light a cinnamon-scented candle and… don’t forget the hot chocolate. Now take the pen and start writing down the most enjoyable game of Monopoly you ever played as a child…” 

We’ve been used to seeing pens only as writing instruments, and we’ve lost sight of the fact that some of them are able to open a door to memories, to make us relive moments we never thought existed inside us. 

Price: EUR 370


Montegrappa Dante Alighieri Purgatorio Limited Edition

The recently released Montegrappa Dante Alighieri Purgatorio completes the series with even more micro-sculpted details along the barrel and cap, illustrating the journey of poets Dante Alighieri and Virgil through Purgatory. This pen definitely deserves a special place on our gift list and not because of the considerably high price, but because of its uniqueness. This pen features perhaps the most intricate and detailed illustrations that few brands manage to capture on their pens, but you’re already used to Montegrappa’s obsession with detail, right? 

Of course Purgatorio can be a wonderful gift and we see it, for example, in the collection of someone who appreciates writing and art equally because beyond serving the purpose of writing, this masterpiece needs attention, needs to be properly admired.

So, do you already have someone in mind who would particularly enjoy such a gift?

Price: EUR 5050


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