Get In The Holiday Spirit With Sailor Christmas Tea

While Christmas may be still months away, it’s never too early to begin planning ahead for the holidays, or so says Sailor. The Japanese brand recently announced their yuletide release of Christmas Tea, a warm collection that celebrates the hand-and-heart warming pastime of tea.

Mainly inspired by the British tradition of tea drinking, Christmas Tea features three releases in the collection. There is Christmas Spice Tea, a rich orange color to celebrate the beverage namesake. There is also Christmas Pudding, a brown and green colorway, and an accompanying ink known as Christmas Tea, which is a vibrant red.

Christmas Spice Tea is the colorway available for three models from the Sailor line-up: the KOP fountain pen, the Progear Fountain Pen, and the Progear .7mm ballpoint. Given the rich tones of the amber-colored resin, this is a great color choice for the most sought-after silhouettes from Sailor. 

Christmas Pudding, with a richer tone, is available for the Progear Slim Fountain Pen and the Progear Slim 0.5mm Ballpoint. With an earthy color palette, this pen isn’t distinctly seasonable and can be used year-round for the discerning gent. On the fountain pen model of Christmas Pudding there is a lovely burnt orange grip section.

All fountain pens are available in either MF or M nibs.

Pens from the Christmas Tea collection will be available soon and in limited quantities, making this pen all the more special if owned – or gifted to someone you love with holiday spirit.

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