Graf von Faber Castell Tamitio – Affordable Luxury

Well-known for its famous Pen of the Year series or its classics in wood or sterling silver, Graf von Faber-Castell is one of the leading brands of the pen industry that maintains high standards even when it comes to reliability. Today I’d like to introduce you to the Graf von Faber-Castell Tamitio – a series that is both luxurious and affordable. Sounds too good to be true? Let’s find out!

Tamitio is by far the most reliable series from Graf von Faber Castell and the least expensive. Even so, the German brand did not compromise on the quality and appearance of this collection. Available in 6 gorgeous shades and 4 pen versions – fountain pen, rollerball pen, mechanical pencil and ballpoint pen, it’s a great choice if you’re looking for something new but still want to stay on budget.

Now let’s quickly take a look at the features of each version in this entry-level series.

Fountain pen

The fountain pen has a sleek design showcasing a lacquered metal barrel with a matte finish. From Stone Grey to India Red, there are plenty of shades to choose from. What I like about this series is that it has so much from the Graf von Faber-Castell’s DNA – the round barrel with fine flutings, the cap with the iconic spring-loaded clip, or the nib engraved with Graf von Faber-Castell coat of arms. Given the weight and length of this series, each pen is incredibly comfortable to write with and to be honest, the steel nib performs pretty well too. While using the pen I’ve noticed that the highly polished metal elements are a fingerprint magnet, which I think it might be a little annoying to some. However, I always have a polishing cloth in my bag, so the fingerprints wipe off pretty easily with a quick buff.

Each fountain pen in the series is priced at around EUR 250.

Rollerball pen

The rollerball pen features the same design, and is a great alternative for those who don’t like the idea of ink and regular maintenance. Equipped with standard rollerball refills, it promises a smooth, almost fountain pen-like writing experience.

Price: 180 EUR

Ballpoint pen, fineliner and mechanical pencil

A series is simply incomplete without a ballpoint pen or mechanical pencil, but Tamitio is also offered as fineliner, which is pretty cool, right? Even though the ballpoint pen is often overlooked by fountain pen enthusiasts, I think it’s very useful in certain situations and I like it. On the other hand, the fineliner makes a great companion for those who want to get some thin strokes when taking notes.

Ballpoint price: 160 EUR | Fineliner: 140 EUR | Mechanical pencil: 160 EUR

Fountain pen Tamitio Calligraphy Set

Last but not least, designed exclusively for those who enjoy the art of calligraphy, there is also a Tamitio Calligraphy Set consisting of a fountain pen with 3 nibs, each with different widths: 1.1 mm, 1.4 mm and 1.8 mm. It makes a wonderful gift for someone who is into calligraphy but it also deserves some attention if you want to explore calligraphy on your own. 

Price: 280 EUR

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