Happy Handwriting Day

Today, more than ever, is a good time to pick up your fountain pen, get some quality paper out of your desk drawer, make yourself a good cup of coffee and put pen to paper as we celebrate International Handwriting Day. 

Although we live in a digitalised world that pushes us to always be against time, it’s healthy that every now and then we escape into slower-paced activities that help us relax like handwriting.

Now whether you’re planning your day, scribbling down a shopping list or simply writing out your thoughts on paper, it’s important that you do it with a pen. If you feel inspired and want to express your gratitude towards a dear friend or family member, you can even write a handwritten letter. 

While it may not be the most efficient method in terms of time, there are plenty of reasons to choose handwriting over a stiff laptop keyboard (which, depending on the brand, can give you a hard time) but I’d start with the elegance of handwriting act itself: from the posture at the writing table to the pen grip, handwriting requires particular attention which is usually reflected in your penmanship. If you already have beautiful penmanship, it’s all about taking your time. The slower you outline each letter, the more beautiful it will look. And after all, why would you rush, you’re not typing on a laptop, are you?

Then there’s the sound the nib makes when it touches the paper, probably one of the most satisfying sounds, not to mention the nib and pen designs or the ritual of filling a fountain pen…

So, are you going to celebrate National Handwriting Day properly?

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  1. Gihan Zohdy

    Yes!! My celebration will consist of placing a few fountain pens on my desk and just think how grateful I am to know what they’re all about. Next I shall write take plenty of notes from the Aristides Atelier of Classical Art I’m attending online as this helps in retaining a lot of what is taught. A blessing in every way.

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