The Importance of a Good Website In The Pen Industry

Just like in life, first impressions mean everything. We should think of this the same way when we look towards our online spaces. As a representation of a brand, the website must be engaging, inviting, and most of all, personal. 

Think about it. If you were to show up to a business meeting looking unkempt, you probably would not make a very good impression. The same could be said for one’s website. As soon as a potential customer hits one’s homepage, the company is asking to do business with this person. If it’s not engaging – would you feel comfortable spending upwards of a thousand dollars with this company? Probably not.

Pelikan recently relaunched their website to a clean aesthetic that is personal without sacrificing any of the brand’s personality. Its clean lines, large photos, and informative call-out texts allow for anyone – from potential first-time customers to veteran collectors – the ability to navigate the site with ease.

This is the key to a good website, too. Making the sales process as seamless as possible. Perhaps Pelikan looked to their competitors, such as Montblanc, Montegrappa, and Otto Hutt. Each of these pen manufacturers lay out their sites with minimum “fluff” and instead focus on the information that matters to their clients, while also going back to ensuring the customer has what they need to make an informed purchase. 

You can see this in Pelikan’s new website now, too. Pelikan has stripped their media to a minimum and has focused on engaging copy and the customer journey. We’re sure that this will bring nice returns for the work they put in and we are excited to see this trend continue in the pen space as manufacturers become more savvy and continue to adjust for online consumers more and more.

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