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Have a sip of Parisian lifestyle with Sailor’s Parisian Cocktail Professional Gear

Oh, Paris… the City of Love! I’ve always been of the opinion that Paris is the city of lovers, but besides the romantic vibe it exudes, it is full of all sorts of treasures. From the lavish gardens to the impressive architecture, the capital of fashion is also home to some of the most famous museums in the world, which attract millions of visitors every year. Not to mention the fine cuisine and exquisite cocktails you’re treated to once you get there. Speaking of cocktails, there are plenty of variations to try and even more bars to explore, but if there’s a drink with French personality, that’s the Parisian cocktail, which is also the inspiration behind the pen we’ll be talking about today.

I remember having tried this cocktail for the first time in Paris and it was mostly dominated by vermouth notes. In fact, the original recipe is made of 2 oz. of dry vermouth, 1½ oz. of gin and 1½ oz. of creme de cassis, which is a sweet, dark red liqueur made from blackcurrants. So if you decide to try it out, make sure you pick a quality vermouth. Once you’ve enjoyed your cocktail, all that’s left is to plan a getaway to Paris. 

Assuming everyone has their cocktail ready, let’s get to the pen. Made exclusively for Europe, the pen seems to be a sequel to the Sailor Cocktail Series launched a few months ago. As with previous models, Sailor used the body of a Professional Gear and painted it in the predominant shades of the famous cocktail. The pen nib is made of 21k gold with gold plating and is offered in a fairly wide range of sizes such as extra fine, fine, medium, broad, zoom and music. To harmoniously complement the gilded nib, the ornaments on the pen are also gold plated.

Given the very attractive and quite versatile shade, I’m pretty sure this pen will find its place in many enthusiasts’ collections. For more information on this edition, we kindly suggest you contact your local suppliers or Sailor Europe directly at [email protected]

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