Interview to Mark Braun on the Otto Hutt design08

A few months have passed since Otto Hutt released the successful design08. Today we wanted to have some insights from the Designer of this piece himself. Mark Braun was so kind to share his point of view to some of our questions. As you will see it’s not only related to the design08, but also features some general philosophy on his designs. Let’s see what Mark has to tell us…

Mark Braun


SN: Dear Mark, circa three months have passed since the release of the Otto Hutt design08, are you happy how the public reacted to the Design?

MB: Yes – it is good to see how the discussion took off and I’m happy for ottohutt as they are such a quality driven manufacturer which should be more in the spot light. If design08 is an ambassador for less but better products made in germany I believe its the necessary shift we need in this times… people can afford this products if they stop buying cheap products too often which fall apart after too short time.

SN: We know that it is a Bauhaus inspired item, and we can clearly see the Mark Braun imprint in the design of the design08. What else has inspired you in the design of this beautiful piece?

MB: Next to the general approach to design functional items with a natural usability, i’m highly inspired by the heritage & production facilities of ottohutt. In detail the precise guilloche relief which has a major aesthetic impact to the design and also guides the direction of handling. Or the clip – here we celebrate the technical perfection writhing the mechanical movement of clip and cap. Last but not least the pure beauty of material, in this case Rhuthenium in contrast to black PVD and Gold.

SN: Is there a feature of the design08 that you’re particularly passionate about?

MB: Yes, the clip – in detail it was our homage to highlight the skills of ottohutt in technical and mechanical profession through design. When you move the clip its a pleasure to see how the intersection with the cap reveals a special value and quality.

SN: Why did you decided to go for a yellow gold Nib instead of a Rhodium, Ruthenium or Black Plated Nib color?

MB: I’ve decided for a gold nib as one of the design headlines is pure Beauty of material. Design08 celebrates the quality of Ruthenium, Black PVD and Gold in a vital contrast.

Was the design08 meant to be that heavy on purpose?

The weight of design08 stands for long lasting quality on one hand and on the other hand it gives the process of a joyful awareness.


Design Philosophy

SN: What feature cannot be missing in one of your designed items?

MB: Reasonable Quality up to the last detail.

SN: What are the things that inspire you the most in your Design Philosophy?

MB: How to celebrate the extraordinary in the ordinary – this can be reached to a special focus on cultural heritage but also on functional innovation or material / process quality.

SN: As a professional and acclaimed designer, i guess you have done your researches about what is already available in the Pen Industry. Is there something you see missing in the Industry as a whole in terms of Manufacturing?

MB: Of course we do our research to be aware of the market and mainly not to harm intellectual property / design rights of others. Regarding your question I would say its most important thatthere is a shift in our consumer  behavior supported by products like design08 which delivery timeless design and long-lasting quality.

example of another iconic design by Mark Braun

Mark Braun x Otto Hutt

SN: How is it to work with Otto Hutt?

MB: It’s a pleasure – they trust our design skills and we trust their rich skills of making and manufacturing.

SN: Are Otto Hutt and you already thinking about a design09?

MB: We have a close business relationship but don’t need to be too fast in developing new designs – but for sure we will work on the ongoing projects and products even more to take care that they stay strong.

SN: What fascinates you most about Otto Hutt?

Their competence as manufacturers and innovative engineers.

Guilloche skills by Otto Hutt

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