Montegrappa Monopoly Players’ Collection – Exploring the game

We all love board games, that’s for sure. But we love them even more when there’s a bit of competition around. In today’s article we are going to introduce you to a very colourful writing collection – Monopoly Players’ Collection especially designed by Montegrappa to celebrate one of the most played board games in the world. With different kind of details, colour schemes and motifs from the Monopoly’s board, the collection proves once again that the creativity and ingenuity of the italian brand is on another level. 

About the game itself, it’s quite important to know that the first version of Monopoly is dating from the early 20th century and it was created by the american Elizabeth Magie as “The Landlord’s Game” to illustrate the injustices of the real estate market by demonstrating the inevitability of monopolies. However, according to the official history from Hasbro, the game’s present-day owners, the game was invented in 1933 by Charles Darrow. Nowadays regardless of who and when invented the game, Monopoly has achieved massive success worldwide being licensed locally in more than 103 countries and printed in more than 37 languages and most important, it’s present in almost everyone’s household.

Let’s discover now the Montegrappa’s Monopoly Players’ Collection that’s available for all the nostalgic and enthusiasts of the game. Comprised of three retro-toned: Landlord, Genius and Tycoon – the main characters of this collection evoke such a vintage and debonair attitude. Built from sturdy brass and stainless steel, each model is beautifully adorned with vintage graphics from the four corners of the Monopoly board and comes in iconic colours. 

Details such as the spring-clip shaped like Mr. Monopoly’s cane, the Monopoly coin displayed on the cap’s finial as well as all kind of symbols and motifs from the Monopoly board, are making this collection so vibrant and unique. Each model is available as a fountain pen, rollerball pen or ballpoint pen so there’s an option for everyone’s tastes. The fountain pen is equipped with a stainless steel nib that comes in EF, F, M and B as well as in Stub 1.1mm and Stub 1.5mm and can be filled with both cartridges and convertor. The grip section is made of precious resin while the hardware elements are made of stainless steel. 

As a final detail, each writing instrument has it’s own special packaging which is a great detail Montegrappa has taken into account. The prices start from EUR 350 for the ballpoint pen, and go up to EUR 370 for the fountain pen. The rollerball’s price it’s set at EUR 360.

Would you add one of these writers to your collection or perhaps use it as a daily writing instrument on those casual days at the office?

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