Interview with Marco Frei about the secrets of Otto Hutts success

Otto Hutt is one of the great surprise and success stories from the last 5 years. They’ve been working hard on building the brand focusing on quality and customer service without forgetting also great releases like the designC and design08. Today we sit down with Marco Frei, CEO and Owner of Otto Hutt to understand a bit better the secret behind Otto Hutts secret of success.

Dear Marco,
2020 and 2021 have been very difficult years for everyone but also very important years for Otto Hutt. I think it’s under the eyes of everyone that OH is establishing its name well and fast.

What is the secret?

It is not a secret, but the authenticity that distinguishes Otto Hutt as a brand.
Everyday pens in a luxury version.

After the comprehensive brand relaunch in 2016, we have completely focused the brand’s orientation on retail in comparison to the Silver wholesale business in the past decades. The overall package includes a modern collection with currently 8 different designs, professional sales documents, well thought-out POS materials and an extensive image database.

The enthusiasm for our products: We love what we do. For us, the reason for Otto Hutt’s success is not marketing, but our philosophy, which we exemplify and pass on.

Can you give us some insights about the Vision of Otto Hutt. What do you guys want to accomplish? Where is the brand headed?

Otto Hutt has been producing writing instruments that combine craftsmanship and design for more than 100 years. We will not give up this core competence in the next 100 years. Today, Otto Hutt is one of the few brands that have made a name for themselves in the field of luxury writing instruments. We call this democratic luxury for all and we are convinced that our collections offer the best quality for the best price.

Highest quality and service at a fair price, that is what Otto Hutt offers. Writing instruments from Otto Hutt are daily companions for a lifetime.

How important is the product compared to the Marketing around the Product?

At Otto Hutt, the product makes the brand, not the marketing. 

Marketing is, of course, an essential part of Otto Hutt’s success. Against all trends, we also rely on printed information. Because without paper, there is no beautiful writing.

Nevertheless, Otto Hutt convinces above all through the product. Marketing serves us first and foremost to communicate with our customers and dealers. Both areas are made with knowledge, creativity, enthusiasm.

designC and design08 and therefore your collaboration with Mark Braun have been very successful so far. Are you looking on working even more with Mark?


We just finished the first step of Otto Hutt into a shop in shop system for retailers…designed by Mark Braun too. Of course we will work together in future with him to develop the collection. Maybe on some limited editions and some more exclusive variations for existing designs.

As a brand and manufacture owner i have a simple question: What is the difference between a Great Pen and a Bad Pen?

The most important thing is always the proper function. Besides, writing is a very individual sensation. A good writing feeling depends on many, very personal factors: …writing pressure, writing angle, paper, nib strength, ink…

There is a story behind every writing instrument from Otto Hutt. Whether historical, design-related or functional…no Otto Hutt writing instrument simply came into being and is therefore never a product of chance. That’s what makes each one great in its very own segment. In addition, there are many hidden details such as the precious metal alloys that are sometimes invisibly part of every Otto Hutt writing instrument.

How do you personally see the interest and potential of the Pen Market for the future?

We firmly believe that analogue writing will always be an integral part of life. The past has shown that habits that already seemed to be lost experience a renaissance again as soon as people focus on other values again. The writing instrument will become a piece of jewelry and an expression of individual style.

Can you give some hints about what’s going to happen around Otto Hutt in 2022?

In 2022, as in 2021, the focus will be on international expansion. Otto Hutt will maintain its position among the top 5 in the luxury writing instruments industry worldwide and continue to gain in importance. To this end, the existing collections will be constantly expanded and improved.

The large fan community of Otto Hutt helps us to keep the quality high and to constantly improve it, and of course it always demands novelties. 

Further models with the Pull & Twist mechanism developed by us are planned and possibly also further piston fountain pens.

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