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Interview With Pen Collector Moein Moradi

If you like to wander around Instagram in search of pen inspiration, you’ve probably come across some neat setups and pens from the account @moein_moradi_official. You might have seen one of his pictures reposted on @penstatement. The point is, there is no way you love fine writing instruments and haven’t yet been inspired by the aesthetically pleasing taste of Moein. Let’s discover more about him in this interview.

There is nothing more pleasing than discovering people who have a high sense of aesthetic linked to pens and desk accessories. Well, when you browse @moein_moradi_official’s feed, you can see that this man has great taste in both pens, desk accessories, and accessories in general. After chatting a bit back and forth and liking each other’s content, I asked him if we could feature him on Inkstable and get the community to know him better. He kindly accepted, and here we are.

Moein, can you tell us a bit more about yourself, where do you live, how old are you and what do you do for a living?

I’m Moein Moradi and I live in Tabriz, Iran. I’m turning 25 and I’m studying architecture. My academic profession is graphic and product design. I work with some online shops as a product expert as well.

When did you first started being interested into high end writing instruments and what was it that really sparkled your interest into this item?

Fountain pens were introduced to me by my father and subsequently my sister since I was a child. I was then intrigued by the structure and writing mechanism of fountain pens. I must say however, that as a child I had difficulty keeping my hands from getting ink-y!  Later on, I never saw any other medium as valuable as a fountain pen. I see the essence of writing in this device. The first fountain pen I acquired was Lamy Al Star. It was 2014 then and it was the starting point of my journey through the world of fountain pens. One that has been going on until now.

Which was the First Fountain Pen that completely changed the way you purchase pens?

Although I always prefer classic-style fountain pens, as a designer I find Lamy Dialog 3 and Pilot Vanishing Point quite interesting because of their unique design. Moreover, their golden nibs have great writing functionality in my opinion.

Tell us a bit about your collection, what type of Writing Instruments do you own in your collection?

As I said before, I see the essence of writing in fountain pens. No other medium like rollerballs or ballpoints evokes the same emotions as a fountain pen does for me. That’s why my collection mostly consists of fountain pens, ranging from economic models to limited editions. I also have a number of sketching pencils in my collection, which I use for design.

What kind of feedbacks have you had from your colleagues or friends about your Writing Instruments?

I have received very different comments! For some, the price of some pens is excessive and other high-end accessories like watches and lighters are more valuable. But many have gotten interested in fountain pens by the influence of my collection, some of whom have been using  and enjoying them as daily accessories ever since.

What does a Fountain Pen represent to you?

I can go about fountain pens and the way they inspire me for pages but to put it in a nutshell, a fountain pen is something beyond a medium for writing: when it dances on the surface of paper and leaves its mark, it gives out a feeling that is unique to itself, A quality that can’t be replaced by any other device. The memories of signatures and scripts that a fountain pen carries within, add up to its value after years of usage.

Do you also use Rollerballs and Ballpoints sometimes?

Yes, but only when a fountain pen is not available.

Which Brands do you feel most attracted to and why?

I really like German and Italian fountain pens. The design languages of the brands of these countries, however different, are appealing to me, like the simplicity and precision of German brands like Montblanc and the level of detailing in Italian brands like Montegrappa.

Are pens also a statement accessory for you or merely a writing instrument?

Something beyond these two, it’s the necessary tool and an inseparable part of my daily life.

Are you looking for something new in the next time?

For sure, I’m considering a limited-edition fountain pen from the brand Visconti.

Is there a particular Brand that has catched your attention in the last years?

Yes, Otto Hutt pens have recently caught my attention and interest.

The most difficult question, but if you had to keep one Fountain Pen, which one would it be and why?

Montblanc 149 for sure!

What kind of Inks do you prefer to use with your Fountain Pens?

I normally use new generation crystal inks because of their high quality in writing and less tendency to dry up while inside the pen. I sometimes also use old-style inks for their nostalgic feel.

And what about the Notebooks? Is there a preferred Notebook you use in your daily life?

I have been using Rhodia and Moleskine notebooks for a very long while.

Why do you think people should use more high end Writing Instruments?

Because of their uniqueness and durability, we befriend these tools. They give out a different feeling of writing, and since they are often put to use for a very long while, they promote environmentalism and refrain us from consumerism.

As a last question, what do you suggest to anyone that is starting to look into the world of high end writing instruments?

It’s important that they take things step by step, even if they can already afford a high-end and top-notch pen. They should also welcome trying something new, alongside considering the suppliers’ and collectors’ suggestions and advice.


Well, Moein, thank you so much for sharing your opinions and thoughts with our community. As usual, interviewing collectors like you gives a deeper meaning to pen collecting. It lets me understand that a writing instrument is simply more than merely a writing tool, but it is a companion that helps us shape our future.

We wish you continuous success in your career and life and look forward to more exciting content on Instagram.

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