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5 Otto Hutt Matte Pens To Freshen Up Your Collection

Now that we are in the midst of Spring, you may be wanting to refresh your pen collection a bit. Whether you’re choosing brighter colors or more interesting materials, now is a great excuse to freshen up your collection with something fun. We made it through another Winter, why not celebrate that!

Our friends at Otto Hutt have an extensive array of color choices and options which are perfect for those looking to add a certain something to their collection. So whether you want a muted color palette or something subtle, but impactful, Otto Hutt has you covered.

Here are our five favorite choices to freshen up your collection with the best matte finish pens out now.

design01 (€105)

With subtle lines and a clean shape, the design01 is the perfect entry into the Otto Hutt universe. It’s a slim pen with a beautiful two-tone design with a silver cap and trim and a contrasting matte body. The interplay of these two material differences is a subtle and interesting option for anyone who likes to make a statement.

design03  (€168)

A wider body than the design01, the 03 has a classic shape with a sturdy handfeel for an overall exceptional writing experience. With a muted palette of whites, greys, and blacks, the design03 keeps it super simple so nothing distracts from the overall integrity of the pen itself.

design04 (€174)

The design04’s options seem nearly endless, so there is truly a pen for everyone in this collection. The 04 has a wide appeal and is quite popular in the larger pen markets, making it a great introduction into the Otto Hutt line-up. The design04 has an elegant silhouette with a very distinct shape to its fountain pen body, giving it just a subtle differentiation from others in the Otto Hutt catalogue. The blue design04 is a beautiful pen that is neutral enough to never go out of style.

design07 Allblack (€588)

For Otto Hutt to describe this pen as the “quintessence of design perfection”, then you know it must be good. The design07 is a superior design, with a threaded barrel that adds a little bit of playfulness to the eye without taking away the overall integrity of the pen’s shape itself. The PVD-coated Allblack option is one of the most popular matte pens on the market today – and for good reason.

design08 Grey (€966)

Made in partnership with famed designer Mark Braun, design08 is a true masterclass in design excellence. This is especially apparent with the ruthenium option, which highlights the interplay of lines and textures of the matte metal body with the varying lateral lines that go across the cap and barrel of the pen. 

Photo credit: The Nib Smith

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