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Introducing the Brown Edition Perfect Pencil

A few weeks ago we gave you an insight into the history of the iconic “perfect pencil” of Graf von Faber-Castell. This month marks the introduction of a new cutting-edge version of this cool item. Let’s discover it with some beautiful images.

2020 marks the 27 years anniversary of the beautiful Perfect Pencil Collection. As most of you might know by now the concept of the Perfect Pencil is to deliver a Premium, but original, Pencil, with all accessory needed to use it on a daily and continuous basis.

When owning a Perfect Pencil you will experience a great pencil, with a beautiful cap, that delivers an eraser and a sharpener.

During July 2020 Graf von Faber-Castell has released a new version of this icon: The Brown Edition. A very warm new version of the perfect pencil, slightly remembering of an already patinated bronze metal feeling. The coating is made in Brown PVD.

Now available in Graf von Faber-Castells Boutique or at GvFC Authorized Retailer over the world.

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