Introducing The New Montegrappa Brenta – A Design Of The Past Reimagined For Today’s Writer

When it comes to manufacturers with long tradition in pen making, Montegrappa is certainly one that has proved its age, dating back to 1912. For more than a century, the Italian brand has supplied fountain pens serving countless generations. Naturally, as time went by, some models disappeared, but since Montegrappa has always held a deep respect for its past, such models – well preserved in the Bassano archive – have been brought back to life. In today’s article we will be having a look at the Montegrappa Brenta, a newly launched edition inspired by the glamorous flair of the ’30s.

Montegrappa’s creative spirit is so relentless that it’s pretty hard to predict where the inspiration came from every time they launch something new, however, this time the brand found inspiration in nature, in its hometown, Bassano del Grappa. The fairly small city located in the northern Italy and its picturesque surroundings, including the river Brenta, have long been sources of inspiration for the brand.

Every year, especially in summer, the river is bathed in sunlight, making the rippling water sparkle majestically. This unique effect captures the imagination of thousands of tourists, and has recently become an inspiration for Montegrappa, which recreated it on their latest edition. 

To reproduce the magical scenery, The Italian brand has used a technique common in jewellery making, obtaining a briolette-cut surface that depicts the rippling water effect. The unique, three-dimensional pattern was achieved by Montegrappa’s advanced machinery that precisely executed each cut, creating a clean, diamond-like finish with neat facets.

The pen not only looks glamorous but its surface feels incredibly soft in hand offering the user a very interesting tactile sensation that is sure to inspire a nice writing flow.

Even though the pen was imagined for today’s writer encapsulating Montegrappa’s latest technological advances and developments for ultimate comfort and writing performance, it retains some of the hallmarks that have established the brand over the years, including the gracefully contoured clip and the famous “ruzzolino” clamp, ornaments that have made many Montegrappa pens iconic.

Montegrappa could have chosen any color for this edition, but this glossy black is such a great choice for it shines perfectly in the light. The silver-toned ornaments beautifully complement the pen’s chromatics, giving it a touch of elegance. 

What I really like about this pen is that, besides the regular nib options (stainless-steel or 14k gold), it also comes with a 14k gold flex nib, much to the delight of calligraphy enthusiasts. 

The edition is also offered as rollerball pen. Please find more details about this beautiful edition on

Fountain Pen – stainless steel nib: € 450 | 14 gold nib: € 750 | 14 gold flex nib: € 770
Rollerball Pen€ 425

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