Sailor Announces the New Pro Gear Slim Rencontre

More and more, we are seeing a return to vintage pen silhouettes for the modern audience. Montegrappa’s Brenta showcases this, as well as Montblanc’s Rouge et Noir Baby. Pen manufacturers are welcoming traditionalism in favor of bolder, perhaps riskier, designs. The phrase seems to be in the pen industry, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

And this is a good thing. Writing by hand is an intrinsically classic exercise in our digitized world. The tools we use to write should reflect this reality, setting the stage for a slower-paced session with one’s journal.

And that’s exactly what we have with Sailor’s Rencontre line-up. This collection, using the Pro Gear Slim design, balances modern sensibilities with vintage aesthetics perfectly. With its slim design and bold use of blended acrylics, one could easily see this on someone’s desk a century ago as well as today.

The design itself is almost like a grown-up version of the Kaweco Student, but with a beauty that only Sailor can provide. The marbled acrylic is subtle but obvious when in use, highlighting the masterful way in which Sailor never produces anything too obvious, too flashy. Paired with the white accent colors on the cap, tip, and grip, it has an understatedness to it which will pair nicely with any pen collection, as it’s not in competition with your more bright, bold pens.

Being a Pro Gear Slim, it’s a compact model that’s great for women’s hands, as noted by Sailor, but also for long writing sessions without the risk of fatiguing the hand too much. This is especially balanced with Sailor’s nibs, which are of the highest quality in the industry.  The nib itself is 14K gold and available for this model in MF (medium-fine). 

The pen comes in three color options: Gris Fer, Bordeaux Fonce, and Bleu Ciel.
For more information about this edition, ask your local retailers or  contact Sailor at [email protected].

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