Introducing the New Otto Hutt design07 Corn Guilloché

At the beginning of March we announced the novelties Otto Hutt will launch this year. Well, some are already available including the special edition design07 in corn guilloché. Let’s explore it and have a glance at the most interesting details! 

Now, for those who are not acquainted with this model yet, design07 is Otto Hutt’s flagship, and not only because of its generous proportions, well-balanced body or elegant aesthetics, but also for its 18k gold nib, slightly larger than the standard range. Then, I cannot omit to mention the materials this model is made of, which are of the highest quality as well. In fact, the German brand uses only solid 925 Sterling Silver for design07, and this Special Edition is not an exception. 

Speaking of the new model, it is offered in two finishes: one in silver and the other in two tones (silver with gilded elements) both available as fountain pen and rollerball pen.

In terms of design, I find this edition much more appealing and unique than the previous version, as it is adorned with a finely engraved corn guilloché reminiscent of those sophisticated watch dials. It’s not not only charming, but also more elaborate and people love that!

Moving on to the nib, this edition comes equipped with the same 18k gold nib as the preceding version, so nothing has changed in this regard and the same goes for the trim, which is plated with platinum or gold, depending on the finish.

Having taken a look at the aesthetics and other specifications, what should you expect in terms of price? We have good news, the price remains unchanged, which means you’ll pay €700 for the fountain pen and €600 for the rollerball version. Both versions are already available on or at any authorised retailer, so make sure you contact Otto Hutt directly or one of your local retailers. 


Fountain Pen
Length: 14 cm
Weight: 65,6 g
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Nib material: 18k gold
Nib sizes: extra-fine, fine, medium, broad

Rollerball Pen
Length: 14 cm
Weight: 66,4 g
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Nib size: medium

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