Maiora Tesori d’Italia Collection – Homage to Rare Celluloid

With celluloid becoming increasingly rare these days, as there are no longer any manufacturers producing this beautiful material, I consider every celluloid pen that enters the market a pure blessing. In today’s article I am pleased to announce a beautiful collection created by Maiora Pen Company.

For those hearing the name for the very first time, Maiora is a fairly young company, based in Italy, but with over 40 years of experience in making valuable writing instruments, as it gathers skilled craftsmen and experts who have shaped the world of pens over the past decades.

 Young yet so iconic, the brand has already fascinated everyone with its Italian flair. Vivid colours, unique patterns and beautiful ornaments in a classic shape nostalgically recalling the era of Delta pens. Although still in its early days, the brand boasts some spectacular collections, including Impronte, Aventus, Mytho and Alpha, as well as limited editions such as Vesuvio and Liberta. 

The Tesori d’Italia collection I’m about to unveil is offered in two editions: Certosa and Vanvitelli both available in very few copies. Made from rare celluloid with a spectacular patterning, you’re more likely to want them as decorative objects on your desk than as writing instruments. But as beautiful as they look, it would be a shame not to enjoy writing with them, as each pen comes with an 18k gold nib, available in fine, medium and broad sizes providing a smooth and comfortable writing experience.

Taking a closer look at these pens, I realize how unique they are. Certosa boasts a marbled pattern in orange terracotta with purple accents, while Vanvitelli features a marbled pattern in moss green with black inserts. The overall appearance of each pen is nicely complemented by gold-plated 925 sterling silver ornaments. My favourite detail, which is also a hallmark of the brand, is the finely engraved motif on the cap’s centerband.

Both editions are equipped with a piston filling mechanism, which means you’ll enjoy a much more generous supply of ink than with converter-fed pens. There’s also an ink window so you can keep an eye on the ink level.

Certosa is limited to 18 pieces worldwide, and Vanvitelli to 28 pieces. Already sold out from the manufacturer, you can buy them from various retailers to whom they have been allocated, at a price of EUR 1’480.

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