Meet the New Montblanc StarWalker Black Cosmos

Humans have always had a connection to the cosmos. Whether it be through the pyramids, religious texts, or modern-day programs like NASA, outer space has influenced civilizations in more ways than we can possibly understand. 

Using this connection to the cosmos, Montblanc’s StarWalker line has proven to be a particularly interesting collection from the brand. Mixing traditional design elements from the German brand with thoroughly modern elements. The original line, which included chrome detailing and a transparent dome atop the cap, straddled the line between the Montblanc we know and a newer, space-age version of pens.

Now, the StarWalker line has expanded to include the new Black Cosmos model. While still channeling the same spirit as the original StarWalker line, Black Cosmos is slightly more subtle in its approach to the details of this collection. Featuring a solid black design, a grey translucent dome, and muted trim, this pen has a more quiet elegance to it, while only expanding the possibilities of what the StarWalker line-up can be. 

Prices for this collection begin at $460 for a ballpoint and increase to $1,150, depending on material preference and writing modality. The pen is available in both a resin and metal body, and is further available in fountain pen, ballpoint, and fineliner. One can expect the same precision and attention to detail from Montblanc in all products, with particular attention to their nib construction, which Montblanc is known for. 

The entire collection can be viewed here.

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