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5 Blue Pens To Have In Your Collection

Blue is one of those colors that is the perfect middle ground between being a complementary neutral and adding something complex and rich to your pen collection. From navy to turquoise, blue pens are never ostentatious, but rather blend nicely between more brightly colored pens and simple blacks, silvers, and greys.

Everyone should have a few blue pens in their repertoire. Not least because one will never go out of style, but also because of the vast options out there. If you’re in the market for a blue pen, here are five selections which Inkstable highly recommends.

Montblanc Meisterstück Glacier Solitaire LeGrand

As we previously highlighted with this edition, the Montblanc Meisterstück Glacier Solitaire LeGrand is a handsome pen for anyone looking to take the plunge into the blue pen market. The Glacier collection comes in four editions, but we’re quite fond of the LeGrand edition, which highlights the beauty, complexity, and serenity of the glacial regions that captivate Mitteleuropa and Montblanc’s creative direction. (€1,471)

Photo credit: Truphae

Caran d’Ache Leman Grand Bleu

The Leman Grand Bleu is a great alternative to the Montblanc LeGrand above with many similar design elements. It seems that the Swiss company, too, has been inspired by glacial retreats and mountain town. With an icy blue finish that’s is a translucent resin over the metallic barrel, one can enjoy this ice-cold pen all year round. (€756)

Photo credit: Style of Zug

Montegrappa Extra 1930 Mediterranean Blue

Inspired by vintage designs, Montegrappa looked to their archives for this specific pen and came out with one of the most gorgeous pens released by the brand. With its Greek key motif and striped resin of various shades of blue, one gets the full effect of Italian excellence with this pen. It’s modern, yet classic, which means it’ll never go out of style and surely be a favourite for your collection. (€1,070)

Photo Credit: Penventure

Sailor King Of Pens Professional Gear Blue Dawn

Sailor’s King of Pens Pro Gear line has had a cult following since its inception and that has only increased throughout the years. With its subtle detailing, Japanese craftsmanship, and in-house made nib, it’s a pen that hits way above its price tag. This is a limited-edition pen with only 1500 in production and has a subtle shade of blue that’s not exactly navy, nor is it exactly a lighter color, making it uniquely your own and worth the price. ( 1’021)

Photo credit: Style of Zug

Otto Hutt design06 Arctic Blue

It’s no secret that we at Inkstable love the releases that have come out of Otto Hutt lately and the new colors that were debuted in 2022 show us just how modern this German brand is. The Arctic Blue design06 is a light, steely blue that perfectly complements the metal body of Otto Hutt’s signature line. A bit more feminine in coloring, perhaps, it’s a brighter color on this list that will bring joy to your with every use. (€264)

Photo credit: Truphae

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