Montblanc Patron of Arts 1992-2022 – A Marvellous Series Has Come to an End

Ever since its launch in 1992, the Montblanc Patron of Arts series has honoured some of the world’s legendary figures with an impressive collection of pens each year. For collectors, this series has been not only a delight but a valuable treasure, with many today taking pride in having at least one or more editions in their collection. As all beautiful things come to an end, it seems we must bid farewell to what has been one of the most epic series in the writing instrument industry. 

Rest assured Montblanc is planning a new series in 2023, but until more information comes out, let’s briefly recap some of coolest Patron of Arts editions from 1992 to 2022.

Montblanc Patron of Arts Lorenzo de’ Medici

Easily recognisable for its octagonal design, elaborate ornaments and sterling silver body, the first edition was certainly one of the most coveted, but what followed is truly spectacular. If you want to buy this model today be aware that it’s very hard to find and price is around 10.000€. 

Montblanc Patron of Arts Alexander the Great

Paying homage to Alexander the Great, one of history’s greatest military minds, this edition from 1994 was launched in two versions – 4810 and 888, both showcasing (black & green) marbled lacquer bodies with golden veins, and 18k gold plated and black enamel elements. The nib of this masterpiece was made of 18k two-tone gold engraved with ram’s head motif. 

Montblanc Patron of Arts Marquise de Pompadour

Launched in 2001, the edition embodies the opulent life of the court of Versailles showcasing ornaments of sterling silver, white enamel, fine Meissen porcelain on the cap and hand-painted rose motifs.

Montblanc Patron of Arts Henry E. Steinway 

The founder of the famous Steinway & Sons, piano maker Henry Steinway, was also honoured with a special edition in 2014 whose beauty is worth mentioning. What I like most about this edition, besides the intricate 750 gold skeletonized cap, is the lacquered black and white piano keys adorning the barrel of the 888 version.

Montblanc Patron of Arts Hadrian 

Another masterpiece honouring a great ruler – Hadrian – launched in 2019 features a design inspired by ancient Roman motifs. While the 4810 version has less ornamentation, the 888 version boasts an imposing design. From the red marble barrel to the gold Aureus coin adorning the cap, this pen looks more like a work of art than a writing instrument, which it undoubtedly is.

There are, of course, other editions worth mentioning such as the Montblanc PoA dedicated to Queen Victoria and Prince Consort Albert (2022), which rounds off the Patron of Arts series, and you can read about here, as well as the edition dedicated to Napoleon Bonaparte (2021) or the impressive Moctezuma I (2020), and many others from past years.

Now comes the question: what new series do you think Montblanc will come up with for 2023? 

Montblanc Patron of Arts Moctezuma I
Montblanc Patron of Arts Napoleon Bonaparte

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