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3 Best Releases of Otto Hutt in 2022

Otto Hutt is one of those brands whose design philosophy is not compromised with trying to keep up with modernization. It remains true to its own brand, making products that are as timeless now as they were a century ago when the company was founded.

This year, three releases show how laser-focused the brand is on having a consistent output of gorgeous pens at a price point that competes well above its weight class in terms of the remarkable quality and designs of this year’s design04, design07, and design08. Let’s take a look at each.

design04 Platinum, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and Ruthenium

The design04 has come out as one of the pens which many on social media love for its contemporary feel to it. The 04 has a compact body with well-defined proportions, making it not just a beautiful pen but one that handles and writes well, too. Four colors were added in 2022 to the design04 line-up: Platinum, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and Ruthenium. Each of these pens showcase the expert precision of the brand and the solid colors really highlight the slim, handsome silhouette of the pen’s body. 

design07 Corn Guilloche & AllBlack

Many who know Otto Hutt know that the design07 is their flagship model and a mainstay for the brand. With its understated elegance and being a pen that is masterfully made, it’s no wonder that the brand has included a few new offerings for the 07 this year: Corn Guilloche in two-tone and silver, and Allblack.

Both new options are compatible with the pen’s modern silhouette and don’t take away anything from the refined beauty of the 07. With a shape that welcomes longform writing without fatiguing the hand, design07’s upgrades add to the imagination of what’s possible with the ingenuity and engineering of Otto Hutt.

design08 Gold & Allblack

Design legend Mark Braun put his signature style on the design08 with the release of the Gold and Allblack variants this year. Both complement the bold appearance of the pen with its eye-catching design while still looking exquisitely well-crafted. While some may think that these bold inclusions into the line would detract from the understated elegance of Otto Hutt, I would disagree: it’s the confidence in its own design which invite us to enjoy every offering they give us.

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