Montblanc Signs & Symbols: The Year of Rabbit

With an estimated 2 billion people celebrating Lunar New Year annually, it makes sense for a pen brand as esteemed as Montblanc to dedicate a pen to this holiday. The Lunar New Year, which just finished a few days ago, marks the beginning of the lunar calendar, as the name denotes.

You may also recognize the holiday as Chinese New Year or Spring Festival. Whatever name you call it, it’s an important holiday for many Asian cultures which includes food, festivities, and a community spirit during the holiday season.

This Lunar New Year makes the Year of the Rabbit. Considered to be the luckiest of the Chinese Zodiac signs, the Rabbit is thought to bring prosperity, peace, and longevity. It is most definitely a symbol worth celebrating. Because of this, Montblanc’s The Year of the Rabbit pen holds much more meaning for those who celebrate and believe in the zodiac.

Montblanc’s representation of the astrological sign is a work of art, which is no surprise for the brand. It’s a subtle interpretation of the Rabbit’s presence without overdoing the symbolism. The body of this pen is composed of a pale Au 750 rose gold, engraved in a wavy, almost guilloche style. Instead of any lacquering, Montblanc instead used the understated elegance of a hand-engraved design on the cap and nib which details the natural beauty of East Asia and the Zodiac rabbit figure. The nib is a beautiful pale pink as well, cast in rose gold.

And it wouldn’t be a Montblanc without the world-famous snowpeak symbol. Here, represented on the cap in mother-of-pearl.

While this pen is currently out of stock on Montblanc’s website, be sure to check local retailers for this exclusive pen. With only 512 produced, you may need all of the luck from the Rabbit to grab one before they’re gone!

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