Improve Your Penmanship at Pineider’s Calligraphy Workshops

Even though whatsapp, email and other digital communication platforms have gained ground on handwritten letters when it comes to long-distance communication, handwriting is not dead thank goodness. On the contrary, it is flourishing as more and more people become interested in improving their handwriting. 

Some want to keep a more aesthetically pleasing journal while others want to pass a handwritten note to a co-worker with more confidence, but most people want to bring a smile to a loved one’s face with a beautifully handwritten letter. 

Regardless of the reason, calligraphy enthusiasts have yet another reason to rejoice. Following the initiative of Montblanc who held online calligraphy classes through October and November last year, Pineider – the famous manufacturer of stationery and leather goods – has also announced 2 calligraphy workshops in February and March.

The one in February will take place at the Florence boutique on two dates 18 February 09.30 – 13.30) as well as 25 February (09.30 – 13.30). As for March, the workshop will take place at the Pineider boutique in Milan (on 18 March and 25 March).

While the workshop in March costs €250, according to the Pineider’s website, we expect the one in February to cost the same, as no information has yet been published. In addition to the course itself, a special calligraphy kit consisting of an avatar pen (rollerball or ballpoint pen) and an exclusive Pineider notebook is included in the price for participants to enjoy a premium experience.

If you have the chance to attend, this course is a great opportunity to improve your penmanship but also to meet like-minded people in the pen industry, not to mention that both Florence and Milan are two spectacular cities worth visiting.

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