Montegrappa celebrates the Year of the Tiger with a unique Limited Edition

As we enter the year 2022, we are pleasantly surprised by the new launches taking place in the industry, including the latest “Year of the Tiger”- a small-batched Limited Edition signed by Montegrappa that comes to feed the confidence of those born in this year with self-assured elegance and glistening silver stripes. To create this pen Montegrappa went back for a moment to its roots and the formula behind its very first reservoir pen.

Like the 1915 Reminiscence model, which featured very lavish ornamentation, this limited edition is made of sterling Sterling Silver 925 and proves once again that Montegrappa’s creative spirit and attention to fine decoration are still vivid. When it comes to design, we’re already used to the skill and craftsmanship of the Italians, but we really appreciate that every element of detail on the pen is very carefully chosen. Speaking of design, a first element that catches our eye is the all-over ripple effect on silver which is a direct reference to the Water Tiger – the incarnation that will reign over 2022’s Spring Festival. 

For all those who appreciate low-relief engraving, a technique mastered by the Italian brand for many years now, this limited edition is no exception, being simply a visual delight. We believe, however, that any enthusiast appreciates these details even more on a tactile level…
In addition to the engravings captured along the pen, the spring clip is also interestingly designed in a shape that gives the impression of a tiger’s tail. 

Diamond-engraved knurling also incorporates mountains into the design, but it is a high-relief rendering on the cap that provides the most remarkable detail. On the back of the cap, the figure of the watchful tiger surveying the land from above symbolises the animal’s role as protector against evil and if you take a closer look at the 18k gold nib you’ll notice a tiger silhouette reproduced in yellow gold. 

The pen is equipped with a piston-filling mechanism which means a generous capacity for users who need to more ink throughout the day.

Available from any authorised retailer, you have to be lucky enough to get your hands on this pen as it is limited to only 100 pieces worldwide and has a retail price of EUR 3,750.

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