What astonishing Pen releases should we expect in 2022

The year has started, and from what i can hear from other people in the industry, January has been pretty slow. Nevertheless we all think that positivity is a great drive and we’re looking ahead to a wonderful 2022 which a lot of cool novelties. Last year we had a year full of great Novelties coming from Montblanc, Otto Hutt, Graf von Faber-Castell, Montegrappa, Sailor, Namiki and more. Let’s see what we should look ahead in 2022.

Graf von Faber-Castell

Let’s start from something which should have been due already in December 2021, and it’s the Graf von Faber Castell Pen of the Year. It looks like the POTY 2022 should be released in April and while we do not know yet what it’s going to be, we are curious to discover more about it and if it will beat the positive vibes and opinions on the POTY 2021 “Knights”.

It also looks like Graf von Faber-Castell should be releasing a Magnum Regular Edition that will complement their collection. I’ve seen a few pictures and i’m actually extremely excited to see that one coming. I have to admit that i’m not sure if Graf will be able to actually release it this year, but that is what they have in plan.


The Maison based in Bassano del Grappa has already released the Year of the TIger (which by the way i really love). I had a meeting with Giuseppe and Diana Aquila and what i can tell you is that there is some really astonishing Editions coming this year. What in particular will blow our Minds…  I really can’t say too much. But expect some really nice stuff, as usual, coming from Montegrappa.


Montblanc will amaze us with the usual Writers Edition, Great Characters and Patron of Art we all look forward. They will obviously not come out with a Muses Edition, as the Elizabeth Taylor is super fresh and still has to hit the markets properly. Let’s see if there are more cool surprises coming up this year. What i’ve surely seen is that there will be some really cool new versions of the Starwalker line and also of the Montblanc Solitaire.

Otto Hutt

Alright, we had the luck to have a Meeting with Otto Hutt regarding everything that will be presented this year, and i can tell you… it’s going to be another awesome year for Otto Hutt.

The focus will not be in releasing new designs, but making their actual one even more iconic. Somehow this is what we expect and look forward from a germanic brand such as Otto Hutt.


Namiki provides a certain stability in their collection and that is something to appreciate. Still, also this year they should be presenting their Emperor Limited Edition and the Yukari Limited Edition. In the meantime enjoy their last years Emperor Limited Edition.


After their rebranding in 2020 and their 110th Anniversary Collection, Sailor will surely come out with some really beautiful new Editions. They have already announced the Collection in Ebonite Yogazsumi, Yakob and Yokaze. In a few week they should announce their new Tamenuri and this year should mark the beginning of the availability of the King of Pen in Ebonite again. I have the feeling that Sailor will make some truly astonishing things this year.


I had the chance to speak to Nino Marino around two weeks ago and he confirmed that he purchased all rights of the Delta company. This 2022 should mark the relaunch of the brand and we can definitely not wait to see it back in the market. In the meantime we’ll get the chance to enjoy the beautiful italian creations of Maiora.

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