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Montegrappa Cognac Hors D’Age

It’s such an individual thing to decide if the Montegrappa Cognac Hors d’Age is a Must-Have or not. Nevertheless it’s a stunning Fountain Pen, with beautiful Materials and an interesting shape. Not to forget, only 50 pieces of this Edition are made.


The Cognac Hors d’Age was created with the intent of bringing out the ambiance and the tradition of the Cognac’s Region and implement it into a Limited Edition.

Let’s remember that Cognac might remind to a the name of a “drink” but… it’s originally a commune in southwestern France where this specific kind of Brandy was invented. Therefore, we’re not talking about a Drink, but we’re talking about a place with an incredible Know-How Drinks and that defines the strict regulations to be granted the name Cognac. And that, is what Montegrappa pays homage to.

It’s no wonder that it’s exactly this italian manufacture from Bassano del Grappa that recognizes the efforts of a place that since more than 100 years produces the World’s finest Cognac.

Materials and Usage

Just as Limousin and Tronçais barrels provide cognacs with their essential character, Giuseppe Aquila, CEO of Montegrappa believes oak’s smooth grain and organic touch heighten the experience of writing: “Emotions and creativity flow more freely when we feel connected to the tools we use.”

Also if a great Cognac that gets better over the years, also the Oak Wood with its grains gets a certain patina which makes the Fountain Pen way more unique and charming then it was when purchased.

The Nib, in 18kt Gold, is available from Extra Fine to Broad and will, as always, give you a silky and smooth writing feeling and it can be filled by using Cartridges or Converter.

The 925 Sterling Silver Metal Trims are a perfect addition to the overall high end feeling this Edition expresses and will also get a certain patina over time. Therefore, the older, the better.


This Limited Edition of 50 is available in selected Retail Stores and on for €2’750


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