Montegrappa Elmo 01 Very Peri Is The Latest Addition To The Series

There is something unique about a fountain pen that resonates with so many who value history, culture, and heritage. A pen has a way of both elevating the writing experience and situating its user into a bygone world. This can be seen with many contemporary and new brands, but it’s better experienced with a classic.

Take, for example, Montegrappa. With its history ranging more than a century, the Italian brand has built an empire on providing high quality pens that nods to its vintage beginnings. This may be most obvious with the Elmo 01. An early model for the pen brand, the Elmo.

We have previously explored the history of this iconic pen, but it’s hard to overstate how the simplicity of the Elmo has inspired countless writers (including Ernest Hemingway!), while also showing that sometimes the most classic shapes are the most timeless. A pen with humble beginnings, the Elmo had early success during wartime Italy, both for its simple design but also for its exceptional writing.

Since then, the Elmo has spanned nearly a century and remains as popular as ever. Montegrappa has cleverly decided to not hide their archival models, but to embrace them fully. More and more, Montegrappa looks back at vintage silhouettes and updates them to a modern users’ preferences. We see this now with their latest release of the Very Peri.

As the name implies, it’s a colorful periwinkle pen. While some may think this is a bit flashy for the Elmo, its elegance is refined and subtle, complementing the Bauhaus design elements of the original model. The simple shape makes for an easy writing experience no matter if you are using a fountain, ballpoint, or rollerball pen. With its soft edges and subtle use of metallic trim, it’s a pen that’s meant for long term use – and never going out of style.

The Montegrappa Very Peri is available in all three modalities with silver trim. Fountain pens come in the standard nib varieties: EF to Stub 1.5. Each fountain pen is fitted with a steel nib and works with a cartridge or converter. If you’d like something a bit more classic, Jet Black is also available. 

With prices starting at €195 (ballpoint), it’s hard to deny the extreme value you’re getting for a pen of this quality and history.

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