Otto Hutt Has Launched Its New Website; Minimalistic & Intuitive For The Best User Experience

The pandemic has made people explore the digital world more than ever, and the effects are still having an impact today, as most prefer online shopping, for example, instead of the traditional in-store alternative. While I love wandering around a chic boutique surrounded by stationery, inks and pens of all kinds, lately I’ve come to appreciate an intuitive website, all from the comfort of my armchair. 

Speaking of intuitive websites, Otto Hutt has recently launched its new website, taking the user experience to another level. A visionary brand, Otto Hutt understood that the only way to evolve in these fast-paced times is to innovate, and so it did. Just like their writing instruments, the website is inspired by the Bauhaus style, the design and structure thus reflecting their values and principles. 

At first glance you might say it’s all about the aesthetics, but it’s more to the new website than meets the eye. The platform is well-optimised and outstandingly functional introducing lots of new features – from a clear navigation to new content and a modernised store –  all the components play harmoniously together to provide you with the best user experience.

The new website also comes with an innovative concept specifically designed for each individual – a survey aimed at guiding users to find the perfect writing tool for them. After a short quiz, each user’s personal results will be displayed and they will be able to choose the style that suits them best.

In addition to these features, I’d like to mention the simplicity and page speed as well, both of which will surely be appreciated by users. 

If you haven’t explored the new website yet, you can do so here. I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun. 

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