Montegrappa F1 Speed – Faster than ever

Any speed aficionado with a high level of adrenaline on board gets excited every time a Formula 1 race takes place and for good reason because the excitement you feel watching such a great competition cannot be described in words. The intricate engineering behind each car, the aerodynamics, the highest speeds reached on the track, the incredible skills of the drivers make any F1 race a memorable one. Today’s article is about radical design, cutting-edge technology and high-end materials, because we’re going to be talking about the F1 Speed – Montegrappa’s recently launched collection. Join us on the track to discover what this collection is capable of and what makes it special compared to the collection launched in 2020.

It’s no longer a secret that Montegrappa is one of a kind manufacturer when it comes to innovation. The design team has such an insatiable appetite for design and this year, they draw inspiration from the free-thinking approach of Formula 1 designers to create the F1 Speed: a pen that takes a thoroughly new approach to ergonomics and aesthetics. Unlike the last year’s collection which recreated a classic 1950s silhouette to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the FIA Formula One World Championship, this one is adapted to the modern requirements and features a cutting-edge design in an iconic combination of red and black.

A distinctive flared barrel cut from high-tolerance brass using a completely brand new, in-house 5-axis machining centre is covered by a veneer of carbon fibre and high gloss lacquer to create the F1 Speed body. Montegrappa’s artisans have used precision milling to achieve such an aerodynamic form, in fact pretty similar to the nose cones that add downward force to Formula 1 cars. Several tests conducted by the company have shown that users can notice improvements in angle and control due to the design of this pen. 

Details such as the carbon-fibre section giving off airs of trackside ambience as well as the scorched tailpipe finish, simulated air intakes and the unique clip and finial pairing add so much character to this pen. As for the hardware components, each one is custom-machined by hand and coated with gritty black ruthenium. 

The F1 approved fountain pen comes equipped with a ruthenium-coated 18k gold nib and has an ebonite feed to keep up with the high standard of a pen like this. If you are a fan of piston fountain pens, you should know that Montegrappa has chosen a piston filling mechanism. That said, you’ll have enough ink to finish up “the race”. For those afraid of leaving ink stains on paper, Montegrappa has also launched a rollerball pen featuring the same characteristics.

An interesting fact to note: there are only 372 pieces available for both versions, which seems such an authentic way to honour the top speed ever recored during a FIA Formula One World Championship race – 372.6 km/h. 

As for the price, you’ll pay EUR 2,150 for the fountain pen and EUR 1,500 for the rollerball pen.

Compared to the first edition, which one do you like better?

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