Montegrappa NASA Atlantis – The sequel to the Moon Landing is here

We all have 2019 fresh in our minds, when Montegrappa released the impressive Moon Landing edition in a licensed collaboration with NASA, faithfully reproducing through a writing instrument the iconic Saturn V rocket. In 2022, we get a sequel to this edition, and we’re delighted to announce that Montegrappa recently released a regular edition in honor of the Space Shuttle Atlantis which lifted off on its maiden mission in the spring of 1981, marking the beginning of a new era in space exploration.

Even though space launches have become quite common nowadays, for that time they were something impressive, remembers Giuseppe Aquila – Montegrappa’s owner – “I was eleven and stayed up with my brothers to watch the launch.” In addition to that, the moment that truly inspired the Italian brand happened in 1992, when the shuttle Atlantis was to carry the first Italian citizen into space and now, thirty years after Franco Malerba’s historic mission, the Italian brand has decided that the story must continue with a new edition – NASA Atlantis.

Made from high-density resin, enamel and stainless steel, this new collection is sure to spark memories of the clean, futuristic lines of the space shuttle, while drawing inspiration from NASA’s signature colours and iconic ‘Worm’ logo that has become part of space folklore. Not only does it have early ’90s influences that nostalgists will appreciate, but this collection also comes to celebrate NASA’s reinstatement of their famous ‘Worm’ logo, which was retired from official use from 1992 until recently when it was reintroduced as a secondary logo. In addition to the legendary colour scheme, the hardware of each pen features detailed engravings of Atlantis shuttle in launchpad and lift-off modes that we are convinced will attract the eyes and admiration of design and technology fans.

In addition to the first limited edition which consisted only of a fountain pen and a rollerball pen, Montegrappa has also introduced a ballpoint pen in the NASA Atlantis collection. The fountain pen is equipped with the already classic stainless steel nib characteristically engraved by Montegrappa with the fine pattern and is available in six sizes: extra-fine, fine, medium, broad and two stub nibs of 1.1mm as well as 1.5mm. Regarding the filling-system, there are two ways you can refill the pen: by using cartridges or a converter. 

Note that in addition to the special packaging each pen comes with, those ordering soon are about to receive a free, autographed copy of “La Vetta / The Summit” by Franco Malerba – the Atlantis astronaut and first Italian in space. 

Fountain Pen: EUR 395
Rolerball Pen: EUR 385
Ballpoint Pen: EUR 375

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