Montegrappa Quattro is a Contemporary Extension of the Brand’s Ethos

It is no secret that longstanding brands often look into their archive to find inspiration for a new pen. Montegrappa, in fact, does this quite well with their Elmo and Brenta lines of pens. But it takes a brand that knows its identity well and creates a wholly new pen that fits seamlessly into the lineup. The Quattro proves that Montegrappa can do just that.

The Quattro is the latest Open Edition offering from the Italian penmakers and it bridges the gap seamlessly between more contemporary designs and the old-fashioned detailing of the manufacturer. With its metal body and bold curves, this pen tests the boundaries of heritage and brings the Montegrappa brand into a new era.

The basis for this design takes inspiration from horological origins, with finished metal edges and a sapphire-crystal crown. With bold geometric lines and a heavy metal barrel, Quattro blurs the line between contemporary design elements and classic Italian refinement.

But it’s not just a beautiful pen. It’s one that has the users’ comfort in mind. Often, metal pens tend to have additional weight which can cause fatigue to the writer. Montegrappa recognized this as a potential drawback for the pen and so maximized downforce on the pen’s stroke, making it comfortable and accommodating for the additional pressure and weight one may feel while using the pen. It once again shows that Montegrappa isn’t just creating a beautiful pen, but a practical one too. And that shows why heritage design is so important in our industry.

If you are interested in getting the new Quattro, you can do so via Montegrappa’s website. The pen is available in three modalities: ballpoint, rollerball, and fountain pen, with prices starting at €585. The Quattro is accented in three colors: palladium, gold, and ultra-black, with additional offerings available through Montegrappa’s proprietary customization tool. 

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