Montegrappa’s homage to Monopoly – An overview of both collections

Nine months ago Montegrappa launched their first limited edition collection dedicated to one of the most famous board games of all times – the Monopoly, to celebrate the 85th anniversary of the game. Then followed the second collection, a regular one this time featuring so many details as well. Although we covered both editions in our articles, we would like to briefly recap each model in this article. 

Let’s begin with the limited edition collection which includes two versions: “Mr. Monopoly” and the “85th anniversary” version, each available as fountain pens and rollerballs. Montegrappa chose two noble metals to create these two versions – sterling silver and gold – getting the best out of them. Being two iconic colours for Monopoly, the green and red were taken into consideration and wisely combined with silver and gold to reflect better the character of each edition.

Montegrappa’s keen eye for details can easily be noticed when you look at these editions. The barrels and caps are made of precious resin covered by a sterling silver or solid gold skeleton beautifully sculpted and adorned with so many suggestive symbols. The 85th anniversary version has engraved on it all the tokens as well as the different possible field symbols, such as the “Water Works” or the “Electric Company” and many more. On the other hand, besides the similar features displayed on it, the Mr. Monopoly edition’s design is dominated by the huge character of Mr. Monopoly and an assortment of banknotes on the cap of the pen remembering the financial background of the game. 

The nib is also a spot worth considering: crafted of course from 18K gold, the nib is embellished with a large M reminiscent of the Monopoly logo, then is finely engraved with the Montegrappa logo.

The packaging is not only very useful but also impressively elaborate. While it houses your writer, it serves as a private-edition game board fully equipped with sterling silver game tokens so you can feel like a winner before the game has even started. As we said earlier, Montegrappa pays attention even to the smallest details, and that’s impressive. 

85 anniversary Fountain Pen – Silver: EUR 4,450
85 anniversary Fountain Pen – Gold: price on request
Mr. Monopoly Fountain Pen – Silver: EUR 4,300
Mr. Monopoly Fountain Pen – Gold: price on request
85 anniversary Rollerball Pen – Silver: EUR 3,850
85 anniversary Rollerball Pen – Gold: price on request
Mr. Monopoly Rollerball Pen – Silver: EUR 3,700
Mr. Monopoly Rollerball Pen – Gold: price on request

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The Monopoly Players’ collection is more like a colourful approach with retro vibes but we all love vibrant patterns from time to time… The vivid colours used by Montegrappa to paint each writer were carefully selected and combined with vintage graphics from the four corners of the Monopoly board. Three variations you can choose from are beautifully adorned with iconic motifs and exude such a unique character: Landlord, Genius and Tycoon are available as fountain pens, rollerballs and ballpoints.

Besides those illustrations on the barrel and cap symbolising different details from the game board, the spring-clip shaped like Mr. Monopoly’s cane and the Monopoly coin placed on the cap’s finial, there are not other details cluttering the design and we like it. Regarding the fountain pen’s nib, Montegrappa chose a stainless steel nib that comes in EF, F, M and B as well as in Stub 1.1mm and Stub 1.5mm. This way they made it possible to keep the price relatively low which is worth noting.

Fountain pen: EUR 370
Rollerball: EUR 360
Ballpoint: EUR 350

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Now that you have an overview of these two impressively crafted collections, which one would you consider for your next acquisition? 

Whether you choose the limited edition collection or the regular one, don’t forget to bring your pen when the next Monopoly game takes place. It will show people that you are a true connoisseur…

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