Namiki Emperor vs Yukari Royale: Which one should you get?

In the world of fine writing instruments, few names hold as much reverence and admiration as Namiki. Renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship and commitment to preserving traditional Japanese artistic craftsmanship, Namiki pens are more than just writing instruments; they are exquisite art pieces. The Namiki Emperor and Yukari Royale are two classics within the Namiki portfolio that exemplify this dedication to excellence. 

These pens, which bear the illustrious Namiki emblem, are celebrated for their remarkable attention to detail, precision, and the embodiment of centuries-old Japanese techniques. To give you a better representation of these two models, in this article, I will compare them side by side and then see: which one should you get.

Design & Construction

Design-wise both the Emperor and Yukari Royale look similar, although the Yukari Royale version sports a golden ring detail at the base of the cap and is of course thinner. In terms of construction, the Emperor beats an Ebonite body while its counterpart comes on a metal chassis. However, both feature the Roiro Urushi technique in solid vermillion red or black, depending on the version you choose.

Size & Weight

This is a point where the Emperor truly stands out. With a length of 174.1 mm (overall – closed), 17.2 mm in diameter (body), and a total weight of 47.7 g, you can easily see why this model was named Emperor. On the other hand, although much more compact compared to its ‘brother’ the Yukari Royale version is still larger than a Montblanc 149 measuring 149mm in length (overall – closed). Weight-wise, it’s a bit lighter than the Emperor with just 46.8g. Judging by the size and weight, I’d say it’s just a preference thing and I’d suggest you try them yourself before purchasing.

Filling system

If you’re one of those who prefers a generous ink capacity, you’ll simply love the Emperor which is a monster in this regard. It comes with an eyedropper filling system that can hold up to 6 ml of ink while the Yukari Royale features a cartridge/converter filling system where you can get around 0.9 ml ink capacity. The difference is quite impressive, isn’t it?


Both pens come with a Namiki nib made of 18k gold that is finely engraved with Mount Fuji’s inscription, but they are different in size. You’ll get a No. 50 on the Emperor and No. 20 on the Yukari Royale. As for the nib size, you can choose from fine to broad on both versions.


Even though I will always be an advocate for Vermillion, both pens are available in black Urushi as well. However, there are limited editions made on both Emperor and Yukari Royale chassis, just in case you want more diversity. 

Now that we’ve gone over all the differences, which of the two versions should you get? The Emperor or the Yukari Royale: well, that depends on your personal preference.

Both are great pens that will undoubtedly inspire your writing sessions and complete your current collection. If I had to choose from a collector’s perspective, I would probably pick both and use them in different scenarios.

However, I would probably pick the one that fits my handwriting style best as it’s also about utility after all. You’ll want to get as much use out of it as possible, and that’s why it’s good to have a version that feels comfortable in your hand. 


Namiki Emperor: EUR 1,960.00
Namiki Yukari Royale: EUR 1,500.00

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