Kaweco Sport – A Perfect Symbiosis of Portability, Functionality, And Design

From drinking coffee on our way to work to constantly jumping from one meeting to another, it’s pretty clear we have no time to waste nowadays. For many of our readers, handwriting remains one of the simple pleasures that get us through these hectic times. But do we always have the right context to use our precious fountain pens or would some portable, unpretentious writing instruments be more useful throughout the week? Because at Inkstable we aim at keeping the passion for writing alive regardless of the context, today I would like to introduce you to a few models from the Kaweco Sport series.

Dating back to 1883, Kaweco is a German brand that has managed to hold its own in the industry despite the hardships it has gone through over the years. Few may already know, but the brand’s popularity is largely due based on the models the brand invented in its early days, including the Sport series. 

And while their products may not meet the luxury standards of their counterparts, they are still loved by enthusiasts for their practicality and understated aesthetics. And, to be frank, for just €22, the classic Kaweco Sport looks pretty cool and the fact that it can be carried everywhere in the pocket makes it even more appealing. 

Photo credit: A Better Desk

First introduced in 1911, the Kaweco Sport series has since become an icon of the German brand thanks to its octagonal shape and unique size that made it easy to carry in the pocket. The first models were made of ebonite or celluloid and were fitted with a piston filling system. 

Photo credit: Stilograph Corsani

Today, although Kaweco no longer produces ebonite or celluloid pens (the last celluloid model being a limited edition launched in 2006) their products enjoy the same popularity. Adapted to the modern user, but retaining the same iconic design, today’s Kaweco Sport remains one of the most portable writing instruments with an unbeatable price.

Kaweco KING Celluloid Limited Edition - 2006

In addition to the classic plastic models, the most affordable of the series, the German brand also offers the iconic Kaweco Sport in brass and steel as a slightly more luxurious alternative priced at no more than €100. Now, if you prefer lighter pens, you’ll find the plastic version much more suitable, but if you are into heavier pens, you might like the metal versions more. 

Weighing around 41 grams, the metal versions feel much more pleasant in hand, giving you a sense of quality. The brushed finish is not bad either and it goes great with a watch, especially if you like this kind of pen-watch pairing.

As a fountain pen enthusiast you should know that there are five nib sizes to choose from (extra-fine, fine, medium, broad and extra-broad), each made of stainless steel. When it comes to performance, the nib works decently and I think it’s a reliable companion for note taking, planning or journaling.

If you’re not into fountain pens, Kaweco Sport is also available as a rollerball, ballpoint and mechanical pencil. 

Visit for more details on this series as well as pricing.

Now, as a conclusion, is the Kaweco Sport a portable pen? Definitely. Is it worth adding to your collection as an EDC pen? Totally, especially for the price and design.

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