OMAS Introduces The New Ogiva 222 in Celluloid

To the delight of its fans, OMAS has announced its comeback and has already prepared a spectacular edition to mark the big event. As far as we know, the manufacturer went back to origins and chose one of the rarest celluloid from its original stock – Blue Saffron – to create the new Omas Ogiva Limited Edition. 

Such beautiful material needed a name to match, which is why they chose Ogiva, a name with Italian origins that means the top of an arch and symbolises the great hope the manufacturer envisioned that this pen and Omas would be the leaders of fine writing instruments again.

Carrying on the Italian writing instrument tradition, the new Omas Ogiva is crafted by hand in Naples, Italy and boasts a beautiful 18k gold Omas nib in fine, medium or broad. Since the pen comes equipped with a piston filling system, the lucky owners will enjoy a soothing ritual every time they refill the pen. To protect the Blue Saffron celluloid, Omas has designed a separate ink reservoir so that the ink does not come into direct contact with the precious material.

The new Omas Ogiva is being produced in just 222 units worldwide to commemorate 22 February 2022 – the day the idea to relaunch Omas was born – and will be available at authorised retailers.

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