Otto Hutt design02 – the sensual part of Germany

Sensuality isn’t the most common skill of Germans you would think. Evidentially Germans are noticed for precision, discipline and consistency. All these skills are all united in Otto Hutt’s design02. a simple yet timeless design that enthuses fans of the brand for its great versatility.

Two is the smallest and only even prime number that exists. In Chinese culture it’s generally considered a good number, homophonous with the characters for “easy” and “bright”. And in fact, these 2 words are describing quite good the design02 of Otto Hutt. It’s somehow designed with just a few lines, none of them is straight and an intriguing final product.

Precious materials

First of all, the design02 are all made out of massive silver. Already this is a reason to have a closer look at this model. Where else do you get a sterling silver writing instrument, made in Germany for EUR 120.-?? Amazing! Other interesting detail about the design02 is that it’s available in 4 finishes: smooth, striped, honeycomb guilloché and rectangular. The most beautiful one, in my opinion is the honeycomb guilloché, without any doubt. As soon as you touch it and feel the smoothness of the silver as well as the light massage under your fingers of the guilloché, you can’t wait to use it.

Clip and ring

A detail that jumps immediately to your eyes as soon as you see the design02 is the huge clip. Almost unproportioned compared to the body of the pen. But even though the clip is somehow dominant in the design02, as soon as you have the pen in your hand, it doesn’t disturb at all. Effectively, if you go for the bi-color variant of the design02 it’s a quite cool touch of color on the smooth finish. Talking about the bi-color variant, the fountain pen comes with a bi-color nib according to the bi-color finish of the hardware components. These are coated with high-grade platinum and are giving a very smooth, sensual touch to the pen. Different than the other Otto Hutt’s models.

Functional and versatile

The design02 is available in a broad range of models. Ball point, roller ball, mechanical pencil and fountain pen. The nib on the fountain pen is available in 4 sizes and despite the fact it’s a steel nib, it’s comfortable to use. One of the best steel nibs I have tried yet. With a length of 140 mm, a diameter of 12 mm and 34g of weight, the design02 is really well balanced and has the right weight to transmit you this sense of quality we are used by Otto Hutt. And honestly, with that price, I challenge everyone to find another writing instrument that delivers this standard of quality and materials as well as those incredibly  sensual “rounded” lines.

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