Pairing five pens with five watches

Ever since writing instruments first appeared, they have been designed to be functional. Nowadays, thanks to all the progresses of technology, we can choose a writing instrument only for its design because functionality is included anyway. The fact that we are blessed to choose from such a wide variety of patterns, designs and shapes allows us to step up the game a little bit by trying to pair the pens to other accessories. As one of the most common and worn accessories is the watch, we’ve rounded up five watches and paired them to five fountain pens just to give you a little inspiration. 

That said, enjoy our take on this topic and let yourself inspired, but keep this in mind – there are no written rules when it comes to style. Therefore, you can create unlimited and authentic pairings… you just need to let your imagination fly.

Montblanc Meisterstuck Platinum-Coated 149 & Jager LeCoultre Reverso Classic Duoface Small Seconds

We have chosen the legendary Montblanc 149 because it’s such a classic fountain pen that almost everyone has in their collection. It comes in the iconic shape which established the brand over the years and evokes elegance and refinement. Made of a highly-polished black precious resin and equipped with a hand-crafted 18k gold nib with rhodium-coated inlay, it’s not an attention-seeking writer but it’s the perfect execution and its clean design that makes it such a piece. We thought about pairing it with the Jager LeCoultre Reverso just for the simple fact that both are designed following the same clear lines: precision, incredible functionality, timeless design and subtlety. Also, if you take a look at the black body of the Montblanc and pair it with the black leather strap of the watch or the black dial along with the platinum coated elements of the pen and the stainless steel case, everything comes together in harmony.

Montegrappa Extra Otto Malachite & Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Jumbo Extra Thin

Italian style meets Swiss precision. This pairing is unique in many ways but I’ll begin with the most obvious resemblance of these two masterpieces: both share the same colour mix – a beautiful green with shades of black. Then comes the octogonal shape of the fountain pen which compliments very nicely the octogonal shape of the watch’s bezel. Another fine detail would be the sterling silver trims matching the platinum case. This pairing is one of our favourites because the similarities between these two pieces are just astonishing. It’s like the brands had a collaboration even though there’s nothing between them but we’ll be so pleased to see something in the future.

Otto Hutt design08 & Nomos Glasshute Metro neomatik 41 Update

Clean aesthetics, functionality and Bauhaus inspired design. This is what we see when we align these two pieces. Even if there are not so many similarities in terms of design, it’s something behind both that makes this pairing special. Both were designed by Mark Braun, the famous German designer, and evoke such a youthful and modern air. For those with a keen eye, there might be a fine detail that both share: the orizontal lines on design08’s cap can be paired with the orizontal lines found on the watch’s strap. When it comes to chromatics, we believe that design08’s matte grey finish along with the watch hands and strap go hand in hand, complementing each other nicely.

Santos de Cartier & Cartier – Panthere de Cartier 

French sophistication and timeless beauty. This pair is dedicated to all the ladies who appreciate style and believe in elegance. Both evoke refinement in a very subtle manner and complement each other through the simple design and gilded finish. Furthermore, both share the brand’s hallmark and the Parisian identity speaking the common language of luxury and exquisite tastes. The ballpoint might be suitable at the office whenever you need to write down quick notes and the watch could easily become your daily companion even if it imposes a certain dress code.

Pelikan Souveran M805 & Rolex Oyster Perpetual

Our last approach is between one of the most iconic Pelikan writers and a Rolex that has already written history. Both are symbols of status and world-renowned due to outstanding performance results. Now, let’s see what these two pieces have in common. First of all, it could be the rich history which both share, but also the chromatic. We like the idea of how beautifully the rhodium-plated trim on the pen accompanies the stainless steel case and bracelet. The pen’s barrel in blue and black stripes is matching the blue dial of the watch in a very subtle way making this pairing distinguished and modern-looking. You can step up the game even more by matching the pen and watch to a pinstripe suit in navy to a totally dapper look.

We hope you enjoyed our selection and now… we’re wondering what kind of pairings do you have in your arsenal? Let us know in the comments section how do you pair your writing instruments with your watches or any other accessories.

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