Otto Hutt: design04 Series Expands With A New Colour

As announced in a previous article, Otto Hutt’s design04 series is expanding with a new colour that will bring more diversity for users and further strengthen the German brand’s core. Being part of a one-shot production like the new design06 Olive Green and Orange Gold, the new design04 Wave Lila will be a cool addition for most of those who appreciate the beautiful Wave guilloche pattern.

Those familiar with the Blue Wave Guilloche, which has recently been discontinued, would tend to think that the new color will replace it. However, as it is not part of the regular collection but only a limited production run, users will only be able to enjoy it in limited quantities. The colour lilac was not randomly chosen, as it is a shade that inspires a feeling of tranquility and serenity, putting the user in the mood for writing. The fine engravings of the guilloche wave pattern create a three-dimensional visual effect and shine beautifully in the light catching the eye.

Weighing approximately 39 grams with a length of 13 cm, the new design04 Wave Lila feels comfortable in the hand and offers a smooth writing experience thanks to the steel or 18-carat gold nib it features. The collection consists of a fountain pen, a rollerball pen and a ballpoint pen, all available to order at

Fountain Pen: 270 EUR (steel nib) | 420 EUR (18k gold nib)
Rollerball Pen: 240 EUR
Ballpoint Pen: 200 EUR

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