Pelikan M205 DUO Highlighter – Brighter than ever before

Have you ever considered using a fountain pen as a highlighter? If you haven’t yet, you should know that Pelikan is going to launch a third version of this kind. With the first edition launched in 2010, followed by another version in 2013, this time we expect to see a neon yellow fountain pen. That said, let’s see what fountain pen we’re dealing with.

First off, the overall look of the pen. Unlike the previous versions, this M205 features a different color as well as a black crown shaped piece at the top of the cap made of plastic. The barrel, crafted of translucent precious resin, allows you to see the piston filling mechanism as well as the ink level inside. Like any other M205, the trim on this version are chromium plated and regarding the nib, we expect the same stainless steel nib in BB size. 

The fountain pen will be accompanied by a bottle of highlighter ink that is recommended only for the M205 DUO fountain pen, as it can leave unpleasant stains on the plastic components. So, if you plan to use this ink with other fountain pens, think twice.

Given its vibrant look, it’s pretty clear that students will really enjoy this pen, or at least they should. However, we firmly believe that a pen like this is quite useful even for daily use activities such as marking your favourite quote in a book whilst adding a note next to it or simply editing, or proofing different kinds of documents at the office. Not only is it very useful, but it is also the most elegant way to highlight something.

The retail price is expected to be EUR 132 and the pen will be available at authorised retailers sometime in mid to late October.

Do you have the previous versions in your collection? Would you consider buying this one?


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