Pilot Custom Urushi in Green – Exclusively made for Maruzen 

Every time a special edition is released, collectors around the world are ecstatic and hunt it down at all costs, but what about those special editions that sell out from pre-orders… It’s a whole philosophy, and getting your hands on such rare pieces is difficult, there are tough ‘battles’ between collectors. But one thing is for sure, it’s worth the effort and as soon as you see this limited edition you’ll understand why. 

What you’re about to see below is not the first edition made by Pilot for Maruzen – a renowned stationery store based in Tokyo – but it’s probably the most unique one yet and as we have a soft spot for green, of course, this shade instantly captured our imagination. 

Let’s not prolong the suspense, we’re talking about a Pilot Custom Urushi edition, a very special limited edition composed of 70 pieces made exclusively for Maruzen. Now, those of you familiar with the Custom Urushi know that it is only available in two shades of red and black, but have you ever imagined what a Custom Urushi would look like in a gorgeous shade of forest green? 

Photo by @fudefan

In our humble opinion, it simply looks spectacular. It is, if you will, a shade that has the potential to become part of the regular collection, and we’re sure there would be enough people interested in adding this shade to their collection. In fact, we’d be delighted to know that Pilot is considering a similar shade for their new Custom Urushi editions. 

We don’t know many details about the lucky ones who managed to get their hands on such a pen, but we do know what they got: a pen made of Ebonite and coated with green Urushi lacquer fitted with the well-known 18k gold nib in size number 30. As for the price, all we know is that this model sold for just under $1,000, which is a really good price for such a marvellous piece.

Now comes the question, would you like to see this as a regular model in Pilot’s Custom Urushi range? Of course you would. 

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  1. I really… really… REALLY hope they could include this in their regular rotation!

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