Montegrappa pays homage to Batman with a Spectacular Limited Edition

Not long ago we announced the launch of the Montegrappa Batman Limited Edition and here we are. As expected, Montegrappa has once again outdone itself. This edition not only has a very bold look, but faithfully reflects the strong character of the icon of cinema and comics. And how else to pay tribute to such a character than through a fusion of hyper-modern and well-chosen metals transformed into the perfect writing instrument.

With a cutting-edge design, it’s clear that Montegrappa took inspiration from Bruce Wayne’s Batsuit when creating the construction of each pen. Besides the very unique appearance, I find remarkable the impeccable finish they’ve managed to achieve by finely carving each element, which I bet wasn’t an easy task. 

One thing’s for sure, Montegrappa not only proved its ingenuity with this collection, but also showed its advanced engineering and penchant for modern and out-of-the-ordinary designs. With a body made of high-grade titanium and blackened brass, each pen looks exactly like a battle accessory Batman would use, if not actually one.

Let’s move on to the design itself which is simply spectacular. As far as we know, Montegrappa sculpted each element individually using numerically-controlled machining. You’ve probably noticed the elements exude a rough, industrial finish, that’s because they’ve been especially tumbled twice. Each detailed solid-metal component has a specific meaning and has been well chosen drawing inspiration from Batman’s gauntlet, grapple gun and chest-plate logo.

As expected, the fountain pen comes equipped with a Piston filling mechanism, an 18k gold nib available in extra-fine, fine, medium, broad as well as stub 1.1 mm size. Made of titanium, stainless steel and brass, it weighs 122 g and measures 155 mm in length. To accompany the fountain pen, Montegrappa has also created a roller pen as part of the collection. 

Both the fountain pen and the rollerball pen are limited to 330 pieces worldwide and come in a glossy black box accompanied by a custom-designed lacquered desk stand.

This edition is available on or at any authorised retailer and sells for EUR 4,350 – fountain pen version and EUR 3,650 – rollerball pen version.

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