Pilot Introduces Three New Inks

I still remember the first time I tried out a Pilot Iroshizuku ink like it was yesterday. And as bizarre as it may sound, it was neither Kon-Peki nor Tsuki-Yo, which seem to be people’s favorite. In fact, it was the Yama-Budo, and if you’re familiar with Pilot’s inks, it surely rings a bell. Now this shade may not be for everyone, but it won me over. Its hue is so vivid, and like any other ink in the range, it flows so beautifully. Not to mention the fancy gold sheen it produces… simply marvellous! But besides my obvious obsession with Yama-Budo, there are many other Pilot inks in the Iroshizuku line, some more beautiful than others.

Recently, the Japanese brand launched three new inks that complement the existing colours in the range to the delight of artists and enthusiasts. Hana-Ikada (Cherry Blossom Petals), Hotaru-Bi (Firefly Glow) and Sui-Gyoku (Emerald Green) will give everyone reasons to explore new horizons of creativity on paper, whether through writing or drawing. Unfortunately, these novelties will replace Ina-Ho, Tsuyu-Kusa and Tsukushi, inks that can still be found on the market at various retailers, but not for too long.

With the latest additions, Pilot carries on the tradition of producing inks inspired by Japanese nature. While two of these inks seem to be a little too bright for my taste, the third one looks quite charming. Hana-Ikada, which appears to be a coral pink, is reminiscent of scenic Japanese alleys covered in cherry blossom petals, and it would make a lovely shade for the ladies. Hotaru-Bi on the other hand, inspired by the glow of fireflies, makes me think of a refreshing cocktail garnished with lime and I would most likely use it as a highlighter.

Photo credit: @pensivecandy

Last but not least, Sui-Gyoku, which proves to be the most versatile of the three. Given its emerald green hue, it could easily become a great ink for daily use.

Nothing has changed in terms of the bottle design, perhaps what I’ve always appreciated about Pilot. It’s among the few brands that have designed the bottle so that people can easily refill their pens directly from the bottle (see the conical cutout).

I wonder which is your favourite, meanwhile I’ve already placed an order for Sui-Gyoku.

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