Platinum Celebrates The 10th Anniversary Of Their Most Iconic Pen

Do you remember your first Platinum #3776 Century? I bet this was among many people’s first premium pens, and considering its classic design, fairly sturdy construction and the fine writing experience it provides, not to mention its decent price, it goes without saying why many choose this pen. Even though Platinum has been producing high-quality pens for over a century, the first “#3776” made its debut in 1978. A few years later, in 2011, Platinum decided to launch the “#3776 Century”, which was to become the company’s most iconic pen ever since. Ten years later, to celebrate the success of the revolutionary pen, the Japanese brand launches an anniversary edition. Let’s discover it together below! 

Platinum had already been producing pens for more than half a century by the time it decided to create their signature pen. Therefore, in 1978, the company started developing the #3776 in collaboration with the late Mr. Haruo Umeda, a Japanese writer and vintage fountain pen collector. Named after Mount Fuji’s altitude, which is the highest peak in Japan, the pen symbolises the company’s aspiration to create the best fountain pen in Japan.

Photo credit: - the original Platinum #3776

At the time, the pen not only showcased a unique design, but it also had some high-end features, which, unfortunately, were available only in the first year of production because they proved to be too expensive for the company. Besides being hand-turned, the pen also sported a unique arched nib equipped with an ebonite feed.

The launch of the “#3776 Century” came just in time in 2011 and it gained popularity quite quickly. Its clean aesthetics and innovative “Slip&Seal” mechanism, which prevents ink from drying out, along with the beautiful 14k gold nib, won over many pen enthusiasts.

To commemorate ten years since the launch of the first #3776 Century, Platinum has produced a special limited edition, inspired by the original #3776 from 1978. Featuring the distinctive gathered surface, the anniversary edition is nostalgically reminiscent of the first #3776. However, the company has adapted the pen design to modern times making it a little more appealing.

While the look of the pen might not be to your liking, it is the special nib that captured our imagination. You might be tempted to say it’s the same nib, in fact Platinum has just developed it for this anniversary edition. It comes in a new shape that seems more springy and is also beautifully decorated.

Available in just 3776 numbered copies, each pen is elegantly exhibited in a special box, along with a 10th anniversary ink “Fuji-kon”, a converter-800A as well as a blue black ink cartridge.

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