Revisit the Magic of Harry Potter with Montegrappa’s Latest Pen

Do you remember the magic of reading the Harry Potter series for the first time? With its cast of characters, its fantastical world, and the adventurous storyline, the seven books of the original series defined a generation’s childhood.

Now, many of those who read the original series are adults who still hold a little bit of that magic in their hearts. While the series’ author has had some recent controversies, one cannot deny the legacy that the Harry Potter series has left behind in its wake. No book has since matched the ability to inspire the collective imagination of so many at once.

Lucky for us, we can experience that joy and magic anytime we want by grabbing a pen from Montegrappa. In its latest release in partnership with the Harry Potter franchise, Montegrappa’s latest pen celebrates where the magic really began in the first book: at Platform 9 ¾. This is the moment when Harry and his gang leave the “Muggle” world and enter the fantastical enchantment of Hogwarts.

Montegrappa’s ability to capture the essence of its inspiration is unparalleled. Utilizing motifs that represent the book’s plot and setting, every component of the pen is an homage to the worldbuilding legacy of the franchise. The various touchpoints of the Hogwarts Express throughout the pen include etchings throughout the pen dedicated to the railway system that takes students to the magical school. 

Hogwarts’ School Shielf is painted into the red barrel of the pen. Even the finial is branded with a bit of magic: the Platform 9 ¾ insignia is etched into the metal body. No detail was spared in brginign the magic back to those who were first enchanted with Harry Potter and his adventures nearly 22 years ago.

The Platform 9 ¾ pen by Montegrappa is available in fountain pen, rollerball, and ballpoint. Each pen comes in a magically decorated box that’s just as beautiful as the pen itself. Prices begin at €450 for the ballpoint and are available through Montegrappa now.

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