Sailor Introduces The New Blue Quasar

Sailor’s latest production doesn’t just look to the heavens for inspiration, but to the center of a dying galaxy millions of lightyears away. As the name of the pen implies, the Blue Quasar is a celestial phenomenon that is just as mesmerizing as it is impressive.

For those of you who may not know what a quasar is (or have forgotten from your high school science classes), it is a supermassive black hole that is actively feeding on material. The gas, particles, and other matter gets swirled into a disc under the gravitational pressure of the black hole itself, resulting in a quasar. This phenomenon then shines so brightly that its light drowns out the rest of the galaxy around the black hole.

You can see how this impressive event would inspire any penmaker, but especially Sailor, who has a history of utilizing astronomy as a jumping-off point for their designs. Because of the natural contrast of light and dark that interplays into a quasar, this pen highlights both light and dark blue in its design. The body is a beautiful light blue/teal, while the cap is more of a cobalt blue. The trim is gold. 

Available in two classic silhouettes, the ProGear and ProGear Slim, this pen is a great addition to either line-up for longtime fans of Sailor. It is available in only fountain pen (each is fitted with gold nib). Prices begin at $255 for the Slim model, and increase to $460 for the standard ProGear size.

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