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Richard Mille RMS05 – Mechanical Fountain Pen – Innovation knows no limits

Here we go again with an uncommon writing instrument this time: the Richard Mille RMS05 – Mechanical Fountain Pen. Definitely not a piece you’d expect from a watchmaker but certainly a very representative one for this particular brand. The masterpiece itself was launched in 2016 by the Switzerland-based watchmaker – Richard Mille, a true reference in the world of high-end timepieces.

Well-known for the intricate engineering, unique and revolutionary designs and high-quality materials he’s using to create astonishing watches, the manufacturer has extended its expertise to enter a completely new world of fascinating writing instruments. This is not the only watchmaker that has created writing instruments. As you’ve seen in our recent articles, Cartier also launched some incredibly-looking writing pieces and I feel that this mechanical fountain pen is just the beginning for Richard Mille.

As you may expect, the brand kept the same products and materials standards used for their timepieces, to take the quintessential writing instrument to another level, and the result is breathtaking. What Richard Mille has achieved is out of this world – a completely revolutionized writing instrument transformed into a pure product of watchmaking by virtue of a mechanical movement as complex as any RM caliber. Now, let’s discover Richard Mille’s signature by diving deep into the fountain pen’s features, shall we?

Cutting-edge technology and ultimate design innovation join hands to create a unique mechanical fountain pen with a bold character and watchmaking charisma that embody the brand’s entire philosophy. Equipped with a genuine, manufactured caliber, thus fitting perfectly with the Swiss watchmaker’s development and production strategy, the fountain pen simply evokes the essence of Richard Mille from head to toe. As for the development period, it took almost four years of research until the brand’s movement makers were able to create such an exceptional product.

Regarding its construction, the mechanical fountain pen is machined in TPT Carbon. To create such a distinctive finish, hundreds of layers of carbon are superimposed using an automatic deposit system that alters the direction of the fibers between layers. The material thus obtained is heated up to 120 degrees in an autoclave (similar to those used in the aeronautics industry) and then is ready to be machined by ProArt – Richard Mille’s group responsible for the case manufacturing. During this step, various Carbon layers are revealed, which makes each pen look unique.

The fountain pen features 12 jewels, a mechanical heart, based on a skeletonized baseplate and bridges crafted of grade 5 titanium. At the end of the pen, there is a push-button that triggers the baguette movement which is fitted with a recoil escapement, mostly seen on the clock movements. This way, the white gold nib is released in a satisfying mechanical motion, to follow its main purpose: writing. When the cap is put back on the pen, it resets the mechanism and the nib retracts. Thanks to an anti-glare sapphire window, the intricate movement can be seen on both sides of the pen which is heaven on earth for any enthusiast of mechanical movements.

Even though the RMS05 looks like a giant fountain pen, you’ll be surprised to hear that the pen is well-proportioned and thanks to the TPT carbon body is nicely balanced in terms of weight. Launched only as a fountain pen version and created in a limited number of pieces, the Richard Mille writing masterpiece is sure to make waves among collectors and fountain pens enthusiasts.
Some final thoughts, the fountain pen looks impressive, completely out of this world. The craftsmanship is amazing and the way it works is incredibly smooth. Personally, I’m deeply overwhelmed and at the same time extremely curious about what’s coming next from Richard Mille’s side.

I forgot to mention the price which, considering the technology behind, is worth it. Neither more nor less than $132,000.

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