Rose Quartz is the New Pelikan Edelstein® Ink of the Year 2023

If the ink of 2022 was inspired by the fascinating apatite and its cool blue-green tones, this year’s developments have led the German brand to rose quartz, which has become the muse of this year’s ink. Given its pale pink colour, beautiful translucency and vitreous lustre, it’s no wonder Pelikan chose this gemstone to portray the new Edelstein ink. 

Known today as the stone of unconditional love, the rose quartz is said to date back as far as 7,000 BC, with sources claiming that Egyptians and Roman women used rose quartz face masks for its anti-aging properties and to get rid of any facial congestion. (Several rose quartz face masks have been discovered in Egyptian tombs).

The gemstone is also known for its spiritual, emotional and healing benefits, although there is not enough evidence for this. What’s for sure, this gorgeous shade of rosé will turn every handwritten letter into a romantic message filling the hearts of all your recipients. I also think it can be a great ink for journaling… 

No price has been revealed yet (but it shouldn’t cost more than the previous edition) and according to the German brand, The Edelstein® Ink of the year 2023 Rose Quartz will be available from March 2023 for a limited period of time. 

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